Friday, April 12, 2013


So once again, I have a table at the Brooklyn Record Riot. A fun time, indeed. If anyone is in the NYC area this Sunday, please come by and say hello. There will be music, DJs, Polish food, a full bar, and of course, lots of records.

I've been prepping for weeks. What to bring? What to charge? Do I really want to part with this? No, I don't have any Fabian. That sort of thing.

How does all that tie-in to the mix?

Well...they ARE all from records.

(Sorry, that's all I've got.)

At least it sounds good altogether.


My Little Red Book- Love
I've Got Something On My Mind- The Left Banke
Heart Of Stone- Rolling Stones
I Can't Reach You- The Who
Julie- Bobby Fuller Four
A Hazy Shade Of Winter- Simon & Garfunkel
Lucifer Sam- Pink Floyd
Vacation- John Mayall's Bluesbreakers (w/Mick Taylor)
Driving Wheel- Al Green
Love That Burns- Fleetwood Mac
I've Never Found A Girl- Eddie Floyd
I Can't Stand It- The Chambers Brothers
Honey Bee- Savoy Brown
Save Me- Aretha Franklin



iggy said...

Good luck at the record show, Sal. Mine comes next weekend. I been prepping for months. Finally decided to sell everything for $3. Much easier.


dogbreath said...

Tasty treats as always, thanks. Good to have the blog back in fine form - much better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick as my old dad was prone to say (and he usually was prone after one too many Guinnesses!) Good luck at the show. Cheers

buzzbabyjesus said...

One of my dad's favorites:
"I don't give a fat rat's ass", usually followed by "what you want."

A walk in the woods said...

Cool! that Eddie Floyd song is one of my alll time favorites (and Alex Chilton's version is just as good).

Thanks for the mix. If I lived up in NYC, I'd stop by for sure. Enjoy!

Gene Oberto said...

You always make great mixes but this one was one of the best.

While the aliteration of Love and the Left Banke set the tone, the closing songs of Eddie Floyd, The Chambers Brothers, Savoy Brown and Aretha was inspired.

I immediately went to the Brian Auger and Julie Driscol remake, which is also a great rendition.

As they would say over here, Tacks så hemskt mycket!