Friday, June 7, 2013


Has it really been almost three years since I posted a power pop mix? That post from October, 2010 wasn't your standard collection of jangly guitars and mellifluous harmonies. It was inspired by a previous discussion over at Simels' place. Check it out. Link is above.

This week I was inspired by our discussion on Teenage Fanclub and again what I've pieced together may or may not be considered power pop proper, but I think it comes closer than the first compilation from October.

As for TF, I want to thank you all for the suggestions. I created a mix using your favorite Fannie tracks. 21 songs, to be exact. Result? No change. Pleasant music, yes, but in one ear and out the other. I did really enjoy "Sparky's Dream" and "I Don't Want Control Of You."  Quite liked "If I Never See You Again," sounding a bit like Alex Chilton fronting Buffalo Springfield. Overall, TF is just not for me.

Enjoy this.


Not Where It's At- Del Amitri
And Your Bird Can Sing- The Beatles
Deep Six Saturday- Tommy Keene
Ecstasy- Raspberries
Fight It (If You Want)- The Posies
Tell It To Carrie- The Romantics
An Ocean Between Us- the Galaxies
All Over My Head- Matthew Sweet
My Before & After- Cotton Mather
Alone In My Room- Dwight Twilley
Walkin' Around- Marshall Crenshaw
Lysistrata- Utopia
Forget About You- the Motors
Since I Found You- Michael Carpenter
Louise- Swag
Getting Over Delusion- Myracle Brah
The Things You Do- Shoes
She Sheila- The Producers
The Night I Heard A Scream- 20/20
It's Like I Never Learned A Thing- Larry Tagg
The Girl I Can't Forget- Fountains Of Wayne
Better Things- The Kinks



jeff k said...

oohh, can't wait to put this on the turntable.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I thought my daughter should know The Beatles so we overdosed on them over the last few months. Just the idea of hearing "And Your Bird Can Sing" one more time is enough for me to pass on this week's mix.
I'm not a very good Power Popster anyway. It's often a little sugary for my taste. I steer clear of soft drinks for the same reason.

jeff k said...

great, great mix.
every since subbing for you, I've kept a list of current bands and music that I thought stands with the best of them from the late 60s. fact is, it would be pretty easy to assemble a best of FOW that would happily seat itself near the top of the list. At their best, which is pretty damned often, they're that good. That a song as great as "The Girl I Can't Forget" didn't even make it on an album says something.

pattirules said...

You know I am gonna say Great mix Don! as you know I play this stuff on my show at Yes this may be construed as shameless self
Dj Al Lotto

pattirules said...

sal i mean lol

buzzbabyjesus said...

I'm sorry that even though I read some stellar reviews, and you all seem to love them, I've hardly ever disliked anything more than FOW's "Welcome Interstate Managers". "Stacy's Mom", for whatever reason ruined the cd for me. I hate everything about that song.


Well done Sal -- thanks. And thanks for sending me back through the hard drive to dig out the previous mix.

I figure that whole "what is power pop?" debate is like the discussion of pornography -- I don't know how to describe it but I know it when I see [hear] it!

Needless to say ... when it comes to FOW I'm right there with Jeff K -- sorry Buzzbabyjesus.

Have a great weekend!

dogbreath said...

Power pop? Pop power? Who cares when the music is this good? Cool mix of ancient and modern. Thanks for adding to a glorious weekend. Cheers!

stivseed said...

You`re speaking my language.