Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two For Tuesday

First up, further proof of just how electrifying The Rascals were as a band. And Dino Danelli? Holy Paradiddles, Batman!

(h/t Geno)

And then there's this:

"A NASCAR contractor put the brakes on an ad that touted pot as the “new beer” at the Brickyard 400. The 30-second ad, which was made by the Marijuana Policy Project, a legalization advocacy group, ran on a portable Jumbotron outside the Indianapolis Motor Speedway a few times before it was pulled on Friday. The three-day event usually has an an attendance of about 150,000. The pro-pot ad was supposed to run on a continuous loop all weekend and was scheduled to appear 72 times during the race activities."


buzzbabyjesus said...

re: marijuana

It's all true.
At least that's what I hear, since it's illegal.

ken49 said...

That does it, I am getting tickets to the Rascals show in SF

Anonymous said...

Re: Pot ad.

Worst voice over and sound mixing since Tom Carvel. Odd since every sound engineer and video editor I know smokes weed. They couldn't find a decent one ?

Sad that we still have to fight to point out the obvious about weed being safer and better than alcohol after everybody seems to already realize it except the DEA.

PS. yes, Rascals.

Jeff Matthews said...

I'll get to the pot ad later. But the Rascals - along with the Stones, my favorite band until I was maybe 12. I probably played Come On Up on my turntable more often than any other song as a kid.

Anonymous said...

I never realized how dashing Gene Cornish was.

steve simels said...


Saw the Rascals show on Broadway and would see it again in a heartbeat even at Broadway prices. It's funny, touching, a great multi-media event, and the band fucking kills.

And god bless Little Steven for getting it together.

billy budapest said...

I, too, was enthralled by the Rascals in their prime and still think of them as a great, great band. I've come to realize, though, that as fine a showman as Dino Danelli was, he was an appalling time-keeper. This clip is a great example of speeding up, slowing down, and coming out of fills somewhere that the beat isn't!