Sunday, July 28, 2013

Verdict?- #3


Gene Oberto said...

Downey, Jr. is supposed to have a album out that is supposed to be not bad. One thing is for sure, watching him singing the lead looking like Robert Palmer and sounding like a better Sting (than Sting) was a pleasant surprise.

But who was that Skeletor looking guy on bass that kept horning in? - wait...I'm being told by my producer that WAS Sting. Sorry, no offense meant

buzzbabyjesus said...

Simply put, I hate Sting, the Police, their family and friends.

soundsource said...

ok late me get all the snide remarks out of the way first
who was the guitar player keith urban on speed
what couldn't they afford two mics, I mean they had two bass players
eeeecchhhhh sting
did robert downey own that jacket or did he just buy it for the gig
ok all that said
it was actually pretty good and Downey can sing pretty good too
verdict in

peabody nobis said...

Downey surprised me, he was actually pretty good. Song was definitely Police-y, but I don't hate them the way others do.
Really good to see Downey being so successful and enjoying it after his early career exploits-the Lindsey Lohan of his generation. For a time there I was expecting to read about his untimely demise.

Anonymous said...

1: RD sounded great...I had no idea.
2: The song soon became too Sting-y for my taste.
3: RD looked way less comfortable with the up-close mic sharing than Sting did.

Anonymous said...

Vamps, horns, Jeff Beck on guitar and, as Gene-O noted, Robert Downey Jr. channeling Robert Palmer (in more than just appearance).

Who was the backup singer?

--expat Ed

cmealha said...

OK. Before I even heard it I had my snarky comments ready. However, Robert Downey Jr sounded great. I thought it broke down when Sting chimed in. Not blaming him, it;s just that their voices didn't sound good together. But I have to give semi-props.

A walk in the woods said...

Mainly I just thought Sting's band looked and sounded pretty damn cool!

Anonymous said...

Verdict- Pointless

Jeff Matthews said...

RD Jr is actually a terrific musician - has worked with Mark Hudson among others. Extraordinary talent.
Oh, and I really can't stand Sting. At all.

Biffles said...

First of all, I love all the comments on this post. RDJ is pretty damn good, has presence, and I LIKE that jacket. And despite his many good works (I mean philanthropically, not to his fellow man/woman), String still makes me itch -- so solemnly in love with himself! Such awe at his own achievements! No sense of humor or proportion whatsoever.

A friend of mine did some work for Stewart Copeland some years back. Said friend asked SC if the Police would ever play together again. SC said, we would, but it's up to the bass player. Ever since then I can only think of String as "the bass player."