Saturday, November 30, 2013

"Goin' Deep" : THE WEEKEND MIX

I really wanted to use Paul Simon's "Night Game" on a mix. That's what triggered this compilation of deep album cuts.

That is all.



The Second Sitting For The Last Supper- 10cc
Bread- Todd Rundgren
Postcard- The Hollies
Unwashed & Somewhat Slughtly Dazed- David Bowie
Bright Fire- Fleetwood Mac
Perfection- Badfinger
Tears In The Morning- The Beach Boys
Night Game- Paul Simon
Most Exclusive Residence For Sale - The Kinks
Some People Never Know- Wings
Brainiac's Daughter- Dukes Of Stratosphear (XTC)
Watered-Down Love- Bob Dylan
I Am Yours- Derek & The Dominoes
Continental Drift- Rolling Stones
It's Time- Elvis Costello




Sal ... great stuff! Many thanks.

Not to flog that dead horse from yesterday but ... I made a trip to the one record store I know that makes a big deal of Record Store Day. Once again they didn't have the few things I thought sounded fun and I couldn't figure out of the stuff they had if I would enjoy or not.

As in previous years I felt like I was back in high school and the cool kids were doing something out in the parking lot to which I wasn't invited or welcome.

I miss record stores as part of my life but Record Store Day doesn't do it for me.

dogbreath said...

We used to rock out a lot to the 10CC track (it was much simpler days back then, ok?) and the Bowie LP "Unwashed etc..." is from was never off the turntable. Happy days. Perhaps your spelling of "Slughtly" is more apposite? Thanks for taking the time out for this super mix - cheers!

whattawino said...

Ya had me at The Second Seating.....a personal fave (as is the entire Original Soundtrack) Super weekend mix, mister. Gems, I tell ya! and that Todd track...And Hollies...then Bowie...well....I guess I like the whole damn thing....enough!

Gene Oberto said...

I loves me some Continental Drift....

Anonymous said...

"Night Game" - one of my alltime fave tunes, and one nobody seems to talk about. There are some other great deep cuts from that LP, like "Some Folks Lives Roll Easy" and "Silent Eyes" that are just lost gems in Paul's catalog. They take me right back to being 17 years old.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

The 10 cc track surprised me as it had a harder edge than what I have heard of them in the past.