Sunday, December 8, 2013

Songs Of The Week 3.0: 11/30-12/6

Deep- Jules Shear
Expressway To Your Heart- Soul Survivors
Friday Night, Saturday Morning- The Specials
Tell It To The Rain- 4 Seasons
Make Believe- Joan Jett
I'm Goin' Down- Bruce Springsteen
Tanqueray- Johnnie Johnson





I always enjoy and appreciate the Songs of the Week. This week's collection is exceptional!

Many thanks and stay warm!

dogbreath said...

"Tanqueray" has always hit the spot for me - the tune not the liquor - as I just love his tickling of the old ivories on this one. Every time I pick it to play it's guaranteed to lift the spirits (again, not the liquor) and get the toes tapping - although the expression "I'm just getting out my Johnnie Johnson" sounds like a euphemism for something else altogether! Great week's songs - cheers! And no, not the liquor...

whattawino said...

Grrrrreat SOTW mix, Sal. The Specials track (b-side of Ghost Town) killed me. Loved every other song as well and topping it off with a little drink of Tanquery!
Ooh baby.....

whattawino said...

Oops, I just realized I spelled it wrong. Tanqueray, yes, the liquor. Cheers indeed!

FD13NYC said...

Great SOTW as usual. Remember Expressway by Mike Finnigan, another good gem of a cover.

A walk in the woods said...

"I'm Goin' Down" is my favorite Bruce radio hit - oddly mesmerizing.

Anonymous said...

Great Johnnie Johnson track and absolute winner. Thanks for the share.