Friday, December 6, 2013

"Yeah, That's Right, More Covers" : THE WEEKEND MIX

If you've already glanced at the tracklist, noticed Chuck Mangione's name, and decided to stick around anyway, I thank you. His version of "High Heel Sneakers" with Tony Levin on bass and Steve Gadd on drums kicks my ass, so I thought I'd pass it on. Then of course, more covers followed and here we are.


Hounds Of Love (Kate Bush)- The Futureheads
King's Lead Hat (Brian Eno)- The Dirtbombs
Barrytown (Steely Dan)- Ben Folds
Love My Way (Psychedelic Furs)- The Polyphonic Spree
Black Star (Radiohead)- Gillian Welch
High Heel Sneakers (Tommy Tucker)- Chuck Mangione
How Deep Is Your Love (Bee Gees)- Jacqui Naylor
Right Now (Herbie Mann)- The Creatures
Don't It Make My Brown Eyes, Blue (Crystal Gayle)- Glenn Tilbrook
His Eyes Are A Blue Million Miles (Captain Beefheart)- Joan Osborne
Brazil (Ary Barroso)- Gigi & The Charmaines
Heart Of The Sunrise (Yes)- California Guitar Trio



buzzbabyjesus said...

YO Bitch! (I watched a couple hours of "Breaking Bad" Last night, sorry)

I'm nabbing this because Chuck is on it.

Not that I'm a fan, but his inclusion somehow makes the mix look even deeper.

ps- I think I also like:
"Mark Mulcahy - Dear Mark J. Mulcahy, I Love You"

Anonymous said...

Hello all…no, please remain seated,

Cool set…have to download tonight after work; it reminds me of a concert story.

Polyphonic Spree! What a hoot. I saw them open up for Bowie in Jersey a few years back. Had never heard of them before, but they were a riot. Their set contained two of the funniest moments I ever saw in a concert.

For the uninitiated, the Spree contains about 20 members: drums, bass, guitars, keys, strings, horns, percussion and choir. A choir! Their songs were long and full of diminuendos and crescendos…a real racket at times. Well, anyway…you know how sometimes when you’re watching, say, football, it’s interesting to watch players other than the quarterback? A pulling guard or a wide receiver, for example? Well, that’s what I was doing with the Spree. Happened to be focusing on one of the percussionists. During a particularly loud crescendo (think middle portion of the Beatles “A Day in the Life”) the percussionist put down his shaker and picked up a triangle. Dinged it like 3 times in the middle of an absolute cacophony, then put it down and picked up the shaker again. No way any human, dog or extraterrestrial could have heard the triangle! I was in stitches.

About 10 minutes later in the show, during another crescendo, even louder than the first one, I was stalking the violin player. Louder and louder…20 people just ripping noise…”Day in the Life” times two. Right near the tippy top of the crescendo, the violin player paused and adjusted one of the tuning pegs on his fiddle!!! I was in tears!

Was it Spinal Tap? Absolute, psychotic professionalism? An inspirational triumph of hope over reality? Couldn’t tell you. But it made me love the world.


Shriner said...

The Hounds of Love cover is *awesome*! Thanks!

dogbreath said...

A nice mix between the covers - many thanks.

shadreck said...

Looks good. Thanks