Friday, March 7, 2014

The Weekend Mix, 3/7/14

This one is a bit scattered. I guess the theme would either be "Songs I've Been Listening To" or "Songs I'd Love For You To Hear."

I still have Neil Finn's new record "Dizzy Heights" on heavy rotation but took a break to listen to his first solo record "Try Whistling This," which is another gem. "Sinner" is from that record.

Found the Fishbone LP for a buck and it brought back one of the very few good 80's memories.

A lot of talk about "ear candy" and the current state of pop music these days. (Thank you, Jesus. Thank you, Lorde.) For my tastes, the Pet Shop Boys/Dusty Springfield hit is as good as ear candy gets. Enough hooks to snag a flounder and a melody on the chorus to die for. Right in my wheelhouse.

Speaking of great melodies, Robert Palmer was a master. His phrasing was one of a kind and he never phoned it in. He will always be remembered for his MTV hits, but Palmer went much deeper, as you will hear on "Want You More."

Just discovered another John Dunbar winner in Brian Whelan. Dwight Yoakam's sideman's new
 record "Decider" is pop brilliance. Check it out.

Tommy Keene covers the Bee Gees.

The 10cc track is a clever little nothing, but I had forgotten all about it and so now here it is.

We close with two classics that you should know well.

Have a good weekend.



William Repsher said...

Always fret over using 10+ minute tracks in mixes ... using that one track will take two or three shorter tracks out of the mix! But sometimes, it's necessary ... just realized this with CCR's version of "Heard It through the Grapevine."

Hang on to those Ronnie Lane CDs! I have everything they reissued in the late 90s/early 00s, and it looks like all of those discs went out of print some time shortly thereafter. Those were the kind of "holy grail" CDs I'd always check the import bins for, but never see, until one day in 1998 ... have to tip a cap to the old HMV and Virgin chains in that their import sections were treasure chests for discs like this, however over-priced. At least they had them!

kevin m said...

Thank you Jesus. Thank you Lorde....that put a big smile on my face! :)

dogbreath said...

This will get good plays this weekend so many thanks. The late Ronnie Lane was much overlooked as a songwriter & singer; some of his early stuff with The Faces & with Townshend are to be cherished. As the boss is called Brian & has a brain the size of a small planet, it always tickles me when he gets addressed in correspondence as "Brain" - as Mr Whelan is in this playlist. Transposition can be very funyn! May your weekend be a good one.

Bill said...

Happy to add to the Ronnie Lane love, and glad to see a number included in this week's mix after the Rough Mix shout out in the side column. Like Mr Repsher, I searched many a year first for the vinyl versions, then the CD editions, of Anymore for Anymore, One for the Road, Slim Chance, etc. "L" was always the first letter I headed to when hitting the used record stores. Was lucky enough to see him perform in NYC, first at the Limelight (I know) then at the Lone Star Roadhouse.

Here's one that never gets old: