Friday, March 21, 2014

"You Wanted The Mix, You Got The Mix!" : The Weekend Mix

I'm not imagining a sudden change of heart from those who aren't fans of the band. I am imagining some long time readers jumping ship after seeing this Weekend Mix. But boy, did I have fun listening to it all!

I had to include a few hits. They are just too good to leave out. How can you not appreciate the party of hooks in "Shout It Out Loud?" Come on now!

Two of my favorites are from the "Hotter Than Hell" album, which is the single worst sounding record in the history of recorded music. This record makes "White Light/White Heat" sound like "Aja." So I used the "unplugged" versions of "Comin' Home" and "Got To Choose," which I think are far superior to the studio versions.

I loved "Unmasked" and two songs are represented, "Shandi" and "You're All That I Want." I remember thinking at the time that the band sounded so much better on this record, almost not like themselves. Then I found out from a producer friend of mine that "Unmasked" features only the voices of Kiss. The  record was recorded almost entirely by studio musicians. Still, great tunes.

If you're a reader of Power Pop, you will have seen our pal Steve Simels occasionally mention the horror that is Kiss's cover of the Stones' "2000 Man." I don't hate it as much as he does. Actually, I think it's hilarious. The two covers here, The DC5 and The Crystals, work much better.

Okay, dig in. It's a baker dozen of my faves and it's only 40 minutes of your time.


Comin' Home (Unplugged)
Anyway You Want It
Ladies In Waiting
Hard Luck Woman
Sure Know Something
You're All That I Want
See You In Your Dreams
Got To Choose (Unplugged)
Do You Love Me
Then She Kissed Me
Shout It Out Loud

Dig in.


kevin m said...

makes "white light/white heat" sound like aja. that line made my morning cup of joe in the office that much better.

Shriner said...

The *only* thing better than seeing a KISS weekend mix -- was this news this morning:


Shriner said...

Oh, and to be back on topic: I would have replaced Shandi with Tomorrow. I never got Shandi, but Unmasked is just an amazing *pop* album from start to finish. Just don't listen to it as a KISS album. Hotter Than Hell -- it's not.


(sorry, I'll settle down now...)

buzzbabyjesus said...

It won't kill me to give this a listen. I'm in, but will only play it in my car, alone.

A walk in the woods said...

Hell yeah! Can't wait to hear this one - thanks Sal!

dogbreath said...

I don't own any Kiss albums & the mask/unmasked thing completely passes me by, but I freely confess to the guilty secret of quite liking some of the tunes released as singles over the years. The wondrous ballad "Beth" was a particular favourite when I was dating a young lady by the name of - wait for it - Louise. Anyhow I digress: I'm loving this comp which is fresh to my ears. Many thanks for assembling the mix. Have a jolly good weekend!

cmealha said...

I saw Kiss on their first tour. They were 3rd on the bill at the Palladium behind Redbone (not Leon) and another band that I can't remember other than it didn't make sense (ELP maybe?). Well I went out the next day and bought their album. I dropped out after about the 3rd one but there was certainly some fun stuff to listen to. I feel strongly that they don't belong in the R&R HOF but what the hell, I'm listening.

Shriner said...

"Sure Know Something" brings back memories of trying to start my first band in high school A couple of guys I knew played drums and bass. I kept asking them to try to learn this song (because it's relatively simple to do as a 3 piece and has a grooving baseline and a cool solo...) Drummer wanted to play Rush. Bass player wanted to do some Minor Threat/XTC stuff (which is extremely hard for a high-school-age guitarist.)

We had one practice. But I'll always remember it anytime I hear that song...

FD13NYC said...

Nice mix! I would have included a couple of other tracks from Dressed To Kill (my fave LP). Which was better sounding and produced, thanks to Neil Bogart. I guess he kind of knew was doing.

Also Got To Choose from Alive, the first one. But it slows down going into the first verse. Losing points for that.

simonthecat said...

Gene's a dicki, they're unabashadly showbiz and it doesn't matter - I love these guys!
and howzabout Into the Void from Psycho Circus?