Sunday, May 11, 2014

Songs Of The Week 5.0: 5/3-5/9

Silent Sigh- Badly Drawn Boy
Rock Steady- Aretha Franklin
Almost The Same- Clearlake
Rose Darling- Steely Dan
The Gold It's In The...- Pink Floyd
She's So High- Tal Bachman
Hammer To Fall- Queen


Bonus rarity for JAYESSEMM
(and everyone)



I am not worthy!

Thanks Sal

cmealha said...

More info on the rarity. Loved it.

cmealha said...

Hey, I did a little research and found dome of the story. Love the original and I checked out the Sammy Kershaw version as well. Just a phenomenal song.
But something was bugging me and then I think I found it. Did Jeff Lynne cop it for verses on "The Way Life's Meant To Be"?

cmealha said...

Not the words, the melody

dogbreath said...

Another exuberant seven day's worth, plus a tasty little morsel to boot! Most enjoyable - thanks!