Friday, May 9, 2014

The Weekend Mix, 5/9/14

Someone, in the not-so-distant past, suggested a Weekend Mix featuring nothing but sad songs.

This is not it.

This week's mix does contain a few sad ones, along with a few pretty ones, one or two covering melancholy, maybe two that are down right depressing and so it's not all dreary, some that are just a bit softer than usual.

Like last week, this set of music began with four songs.

1. The Loving Kind- Pernice Brothers

If you recall, I wrote about The New Mendicants, a trio consisting of members of three bands I've never been crazy about, who somehow managed to create an album I adore. Two of those members, Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub and Joe Pernice of the Pernice Brothers performed last week as The New Mendicants and I, along with another 50 people, checked it out. It was a beautiful acoustic set, featuring songs from their entire career, as well as some covers. Joe Pernice pulled out "The Loving Kind" from his "Goodbye Killer' record and knocked me out.

2. There Is A Heartache Following Me- Pete Townshend

Townshend does not mention "Who Came First" in his memoir, referrring to "Empty Glass" as his debut solo LP. Maybe it's because the record was put together from existing tracks and oddities and not realized as one proper album. Still, I think he's wrong. (Heh.) This track popped up on shuffle earlier this week and caught be my surprise. For a minute, I thought I was listening to an Elvis Costello b-side. But once my ears adjusted, I was reminded of just how much I love "Who Came First."

3. I Love You Anyway- Cargoe

No record in the last two weeks has gotten as much airplay as the newly discovered record by Cargoe. (Thank you, BBJ.) I would go as far as to say, I am obsessed with it. I don't want to make this post about Cargoe, so I will just say this, however controversial it may be. It was recorded the same year in the same studio and released on the same label as the first record from Big Star, and in many ways, it's the better record. The song here is not necessarily the best representation of what's on the record, but I love it and it fits with the feel of this mix. If you're curious...

4. By The Time It Gets Dark- Sandy Denny

One of the covers performed by The New Mendicants, which also appears on their debut "Into The Lime" is this beauty by Sandy Denny. I've gone on about Sandy's voice time and time again and this song, as most of her songs, reduces me to mush.

The rest of this mix came together nicely.

Some highlights:

"More Fool Me" was Phil Collins' first vocal appearance on a Genesis record. This short and sweet tune from "Selling England By the Pound" is a fave.

The Jonatha Brooke tune is a good tune. But the bridge, which runs about 30 seconds, starting at the 2:57 mark, takes "Because I Told You So" to a higher level. Chills.

Hope ya dig it!



buzzbabyjesus said...

Listen up everybody! You need to download this if for no other reason than to hear Cargoe. Sal was restrained in his hyperbole.
It is better than many records from the period which are considered classic, and in many ways more fun and uplifting than Big Star.
It was actually the first album released on Ardent, with "Number One Record" being second.

steve simels said...

Cargoe, eh? Okay, you've got my attention.

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks! Any review of the new Liam Finn?


FD13NYC said...

Very nice mix Salvatore. Including one of my ultimate faves by Nesmith, with the great Red Rhodes on steel guitar. A beautiful tune, gives me goosebumps when I hear it.

Anonymous said...

Sal, for whenever you're jonesing for some Lizzy - (found via His Name Is Alive's webpage; he hints that he put it together)

ag said...

Beautiful mix

Anonymous said...

Great Mix Sal

I also love the Mike Nesmith song



Jeff in Denton TX said...

I was digging the Cargoe tune, so I've been sampling the full album online. I'm liking it so far. Too soon to tell if I'll regard it as highly as "#1 Record" or "Radio City", it could pass the uneven "3rd/Sister Lovers."

Actually, I mentally pair the first two Big Star releases as one album because I've only owned it in the 2-for-1 CD format. Same for the Gram Parsons solo LPs ("GP" & "Grievous Angel"). I wonder how many folks who purchased some of twofer CDs (the Beach Boys catalog comes to mind) and never owned the individual albums separately tend to thinks of them as a single album because that's how they first experienced them.

dogbreath said...

You & me both as far as Sandy Denny is concerned. It was an ex-girlfriend who turned me on to her stuff which I've devoured eagerly ever since, whether with the Strawbs or Fairport Convention or Fotheringay & especially the magical solo albums. Thanks for reminding me about "By the Time..." & for another tasty ensemble. Cheers!