Saturday, June 28, 2014

Bobby Womack, 1944-2014

I woke up to this news this morning. A bit of a surprise, as Bobby had only just performed live at Bonnaroo two weeks ago.

Enjoy this small sample of his brilliant work and remember another musical giant, a true soul man, and an influence on many.


Anonymous said...

Very sad news, at seventy he was still young. He will be missed.

Allan R.

Robin said...

I heard last night and it hurts my heart. I had recently been listening to a lot of Bobby and had just posted to some of my social sites his version of "Everyone's Gone to the Moon", which is just about perfect just the way he phrased "streets full of people...all alone", gives me chills, the way he softens on "sorrow", he was as subtle as he was tough, a crooner and a sweet soul shouter, he pushed his style to breaking point but rarely got in the way of the song and he always understood what he was singing about, he just "got it". And he could play that guitar too, and write. He truly was a giant.

dogbreath said...

"Across 110th Street" may not have been the greatest of movies but I've always loved that classic title song. RIP Bobby.

A walk in the woods said...

Like more than a few rock fans, I'll bet, I got into Bobby's music by finding out he wrote "It's All Over Now" and especially hearing that great, scratchy voice on "Want Of A Nail." From there, I discovered all his old music, inc my favorite: "Woman's Gotta Have It."

He was a giant and will be missed.