Thursday, June 26, 2014

The Weekend Mix, 6/27/14


Jail Guitar Doors- The Clash
Sold Me Down The River- The Alarm
Drip Drop-Dion
Pink Cadillac- Bruce Springsteen
Let The Good Times Roll/Feel So Good- Bunny Sigler
Everybody Is A Star- Sly & The Family Stone
Wedding Day- Alex McMurray
She Blew A Good Thing- The Poets
Trouble Boys-Thin Lizzy
Ashes By Now- Rodney Crowell
Meteor Shower- Rhett Miller
Most Likely You Go Your Way- Bob Dylan
Southbound- The Allman Brothers

Every one of these songs came up in conversation this week. I mean it. Every one.

Okay, not really.  No one is talking about the Alarm, but I love this track.

I thought about "Pink Cadillac" by Bruce after hearing "Drip Drop" by Dion. And I thought of "Drip Drop" why? Because this clip...

...reminded me of it. (Just one section of it. So sue me!)

I know it all seems so random. And while it may begin with a sound bite or an iPod surprise, what ends up in the mix isn't just slapped together.

Okay, sometimes it is. Like for no reason at all, I wanted to hear "Southbound" by the Allmans. So, I just slapped it on the end.

The Poets track knocked me out. This one is new to me. I found a great Sue Record label comp on vinyl and man, every track was a killer. Tina Britt's "The Real Thing" was yesterday's Song Of the Day.' (Same album.)

A friend said this today:

"is it possible to listen to I Fought The Law without banging on one's desk to punctuate the six-gun? I think not."

I thought, I have a similar tic in not being able to NOT whistle the "do do DO do do DO" break in "Everybody Is A Star" by Sly.'s Sly. And apologies in advance to those who will be whistling and banging for the next three hours.

That's your lot.


P.S. Rocks In Your Head was a fantastic little record shop in Soho, NYC before Soho became the shithole of beautiful people it is now. You can't buy any records in Soho anymore, but you can buy a $1,900.00 pair of socks or cookies for $30 a pound. I bought the Thin Lizzy "Trouble Boys" single in Rocks In Your Head. It was a British import. $3.00

Or half a cookie.



buzzbabyjesus said...

Looks like a terrific mix needing no explanation. I remember Rocks In Your Head. I bought my first SMiLE boot there, as well as an original Big Star #1 Record, and an import of "Radio City", to name a few. Why would anyone go to Soho now, unless they're on the way to Brooklyn or Jersey City?

cmealha said...

My earliest memory of Rocks in Your Head was walking in and hearing "Rock Lobster" for the first time and asking the guy behind the counter "What is this shit?" and not longer after that falling in love with that "shit: and all thinks B-52s

Ruben Chandler said...

Hey great mix man! Thanks

Gene Oberto said...

I played "Sold Me Down the River" yesterday. I said to myself, "No one talks about the Alarm, but I love this track."


dogbreath said...

Random shmandom, this is looking good - even if I don't know all the tunes. Thanks for taking the time out to upload & I'm loving the background details as always. Have a good one! Cheers.....

Anonymous said...

Nice mix to brighten a dismal day in Melbourne Aus.



Anonymous said...

You are a very funny man. Thank you.

charlie c. said...

Talking to yourself does not count as 'conversation' . . . great mix!