Monday, June 2, 2014

Records, Recovery and Raindrop

Saturday's record fair was a huge success. But it is now 36 hours later and I am still hobbling around like a new born calf.

I did meet a nice Australian feller by the name Miles Devine. He was thrilled to see I had an original copy of The Zombies "Odessey & Oracle" which he snapped up immediately. My friend Peter who was helping me out, offered him another record for free since The Zombies was a bit pricey. (Note to self: have a talk with Peter, re: giving away my records.) This gesture made Miles even happier, so in return he gave us a copy of his E.P., Raindrop.

Raindrop is four tracks of psychedelic pop, that occasionally drifts into proggy territory. I'm really digging it. Check out "It Goes Off."


soundsource said...

great cover and cool tune

A walk in the woods said...

Pretty awesome!

BTW, you told us about the new Stanton Moore record ("Conversations") a little while back, and I put it on my list to get. Got it this weekend and have been spinnin' that mother 6-7 times since then. Great jazz-N'Awlins vibe.