Sunday, February 1, 2015

Songs Of The Week 7.0: 1/18-1/30

What Love Can Do- Bruce Springsteen
Softly As In The Morning Sunrise- Bobby Darin
Private Idaho- The B'52s
I Still Look Good (At Sixty)- Bruce Springsteen & Joe Grushecky
Bloodshot Eyes- The New Jump Blues
Ain't She Sweet- The Threetles
Star Dust- Billy Ward & His Dominoes
The Only Living Boy In New York- Simon & Garfunkel
Watch That Man- David Bowie
Snowblind- Black Sabbath
Cold, Cold Heart- Nat King Cole
Above The Clouds- Paul Weller
The Endless Plain Of Fortune- John Cale
Joy- Lucinda Williams




Every day I look at the SOTD image but it is only when I listen to the collected SOTW (or in this case two weeks) that it registers.

I know these aren't a "mix" per se but they are always interesting, always fun.

Thanks Sal

buzzbabyjesus said...

The Only Living Boy In New York is an all-time favorite. Recently added to a mix cd over here.

dogbreath said...

Thank you for the collected SOTD - a fortnight's worth, no less. (Per Noel Coward's "the US and UK are two countries separated by a common language", a "fortnight" is "two weeks" this side of the pond). Anyway, loving the S&G, Springsteen & Sabbath as well as the Bowie which popped up on a self-made mix listened to earlier today. Keep well & thanks again!

A walk in the woods said...

Looking forward to hearing this, Sal!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mr Sal

Nice eclectic mix here from Black Sabbath to Simon & Garfunckel.

Nice work