Monday, April 20, 2015

Hello It's Joe

Just in case any of you were nursing your Record Store Day hangovers, I decided to ease into the week with this latter day gem from Joe Jackson as opposed to a Monday morning rant about all that's not right with RSD.

I loved "Volume 4," the Joe Jackson Band's return after a long hiatus and I hadn't taken it for a spin in years. I thought it was an apropos time to give it a listen in light of the ongoing discussion about "Our Wizard/Our Misguided Star," Todd Rundgren. (See comments of recent posts to catch up, as our dead horse has been beaten enough.)

As for RSD, I'm sure I will still have it in me to spew some venom later in the week, if I am uninspired with anything else. Until then, check out "Love At First Light."


buzzbabyjesus said...

Joe sounds good. No nonsense production or keyboard crimes. And a waltz. Swings.


Very nice!

Shriner said...

A great, great album. Blew me away that the foursome had this in them after 20+ years.

"Rain" was not as good without Gary Sanford, though (but still pretty good.)

Troy said...

Loved this one, and loved "Rain". I heard JJ has been recording recently, and hope it is something this good.