Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Two For Tuesday

Some time in the late 70s, I suggested to a friend that Hall & Oates should cover "You've Lost That Loving Feeling." It was an obvious choice for a cover that I'm sure hundreds of H&O fans had thought about. One summer afternoon in 1980, hanging around in my friend John's backyard in Sheepshead Bay, the radio plays Hall & Oates new single, a cover of the Righteous Brothers hit and of course, I flip out. (I can do this all day. I missed my calling as an A&R guy. Too late now but, Robert Palmer would have had a huge comeback hit covering Sade's "Sweetest Taboo." Think about it.)

When I first heard Gregg Alexander's 1998 recording as New Radicals, I fell hard immediately. The record, "Maybe You've Been Brainwashed, Too," has been talked about a lot on these pages. It has fans and for good reason. This record is smart. It's Prince and Dylan and Rundgren and Lennon and McCartney moreso than so many other artists and records who have to suffer through those comparisons. My thoughts after hearing the ballad "Someday We'll Know" were the same as those in the late 70s. This is a Hall & Oates tune. Well, Daryl and John one-upped me and covered it with Todd Rundgren for their 2002 release, "Do It For Love."

Both versions are here. Both are terrific.

Felt like hearing them and was inspired to share.


whattawino said...

Damn! They both got my attention...and that's not easy at 8:30am, people. I knew the tune but not done by H&Ow/TR...verrrry nice! You just may have missed your true calling, Sal.


Thanks Sal.

A leads to B which reminds me of C ...

Now I'm having a mini New Radicals / Hall & Oates festival. And I'm slipping into those great Live From Daryl's House with Todd.

A walk in the woods said...

I'm such a fan of both the New Rad's original song (and all Gregg Alexander's songs, really - he's continued to write tons) and that Hall & Oates cut.

Here's a cool listing of all the songs Gregg has written, most of which have been covers by other artists. In fact, all of them since 1998 (that one New Radicals album) fit in that category.


cmealha said...

Love 'em both

Chris Collins said...

I love that New Radicals record.