Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Real Scenes From A Record Fair: Part 1

Man picks up 5 LP box of Motown singles priced at $10.

MAN: Oh my God! Danny, look at this. Ten bucks! Oh man. It's like 60 songs! Mary Wells. Marvin Gaye. Look, "What Does It Take" by Jr. Walker. Oh man. It's pristine. Look, it's pristine. Danny, look. Have you ever seen records this pristine? The guy who owned this before kept his records pristine. Oh man, $10. I'm buying this. This is like...(thinks real hard)...like 50 cents a song, or something. And it's pristine.

Man puts box down.

MAN: Thank you.

Man walks away.


kevin m said...

He's really bad at math. It's only .17 cents per each pristine song.

Signtopia said...

It' the "museum piece" syndrome.
I experience it all the time myself except in my world I am trying to sell hand painted crab shells and there are many days where everything I put out is just a "museum piece".

Anonymous said...

never been a vendor at a record convention, only a customer. what's the ratio of courteous record lovers to blowhards?

Sal Nunziato said...

It's about 70-30, good to bad. That goes for vendors, too. But that bad 30% is usually horrific.

Anonymous said...

ugh, I was hoping for 1 in 10. amateurs!