Sunday, June 28, 2015

Songs Of The Week 7.0: 6/20-6/26

Union City Blue- Blondie
Razor Boy- Steely Dan
Defecting Grey-The Pretty Things
I Do Things Cone Naturally- Lee Bates
Desert Trip- Jonatahn Wilson
You Don't Know Nothing About Love- Carl Hall
Attics Of My Life- Grateful Dead



dogbreath said...

Thanks for this SOTW comp, bookended by two particular favourites. And I suppose Jonatahn Wilson spells his first name that way so people will think it's a deliberate typo (Where's the Tipp-Ex : ed).

A walk in the woods said...

Thanks for this, Sal! (love that forgotten Steely Dan tune you included) Cheers!

Sal Nunziato said...

It's my typo I'll cry if I want to.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

How good were the Pretty Things ? a great share.