Friday, June 26, 2015

"Friday's 13": THE WEEKEND MIX

I wish I had some clever premise behind this weekend's mix. I don't. In the end, it was all about some songs I wanted hear. I will share this, though. I've been obsessing all week over Tom Petty's pronunciation of the word "possess" in the song "Scare Easy." That's something. OH...and I will be seeing Richard Thompson's Electric Trio this evening, touring behind his just released new record "Still," produced by Wilco's Jeff Tweedy, so of course, I included RT's acoustic cover of a Brtiney Spears track from 14 years ago. Enjoy, good Woodies.


Matinee- The Posies
Angels Heap- Finn Brothers
What's Going Ahn- Big Star
Make The World Go Away- Bobby Bare Jr.
Wake Up Baby- Dion & The Wanderers
God Was In The Water - Bonnie Raitt
Scare Easy- Mudcrutch
Devil In His Heart- the Donays
Over London Skies- The Orchestra
What's A Matter Baby- Ellen Foley
Impatience- Elvis Costello
Oops! I Did It Again- Richard Thompson
Till The Rivers All Run Dry- Pete Townshend & Ronnie Lane




Thanks Sal.

I need more Ellen Foley in my life!

Have you listened to the Richard Thompson record? What think you?

Enjoy the show and the weekend.


Gene Oberto said...

I first heard "Scare Easy" in the movie, "Appaloosa" a good ole' Western yarn with a good cast led by Ed Harris & Viggo Mortensen. it usually finds itself in every playlist I make.

dogbreath said...

That was a good mix for the weekend, many thanks, although yours was just a tad better than mine as you went to see Richard Thompson play!

Kodak Ghost said...

We need your impressions of the Thompson concert. I was especially impressed by Mr. Jerome when I saw them a few months ago."Can't Win" was a standout ... and I love his sense of humor!