Friday, August 21, 2015


There were plenty of great suggestions from all of you, but there was only so much room. Thank you for playing. Now you can play this.

I've added a few of my personal faves to this playlist of oddities that failed to make the official cut and those are the songs I will mention here. For those late to the party, check the comments of yesterday's post for details on the rest of the tracks.

World Party's "When You Come Back To Me" is a piece of brilliance from Karl Wallinger found on the "Reality Bites" soundtrack. It is a Rutles-esque take on Bowie's "Young Americans" that has been killing me since it first appeared in 1994.

"Supercute" is just one more from Prince's never-ending selection of unreleased tunes that are better than what he releases officially.

Marvin Gaye's "Where Are We Going" can be found as a bonus track on the deluxe edition of "What's Goin' On." A stunner.

David Bowie's surprise return to the studio, "The Next Day," is still on heavy rotation, and this Japanese only bonus track, "God Bless The Girl," which also found its way to the "The Next Day Extra" CD, is a fave, sounding like a perfect blend of "The Man Who Sold The World"-era Bowie and 2014 Bowie.


Leave My Kitten Alone-The Beatles
Green Shirt (Demo)- Elvis Costello
When You Come Back To Me- World Party
Supercute- Prince
Where Are We Going- Marvin Gaye
Levon (Demo)- Elton John
Lady With The Spinning Head- U2
Sweet Angel- Jimi Hendrix
Hang On To Yourself- Arnold Corns
Criss Cross Man- Rolling Stones
Shut Out The Light- Bruce Springsteen
Daddy Rollin' (In Your Arms)- Dion
Mississippi- Bob Dylan
This Strange Effect- The Kinks
Please Please Me- Keith Richards
Scream Thy Last Scream- Pink Floyd
Move Over Ms. L- John Lennon
Without You (Demo)- Nilsson
Walk On By- The Beach Boys
God Bless The Girl- David Bowie



Charlie Carr said...

Wow - looks great! That's a keeper.

Anonymous said...

Check out the Any Major Dude With Half A Heart blog today. B Sides compilation!
C in California

William Repsher said...

This is cool stuff. That version of "Without You" - in the Nilsson documentary, Richard Perry said that this stripped down vocal/piano version was the one Nilsson wanted to put out. But Perry recognized, rightly, that this wouldn't fly with AM/Top 40 radio. So he produced it ... and I have to say, that finished version is a masterpiece. Perry doesn't get enough credit for engineering the dawn of the 70's ballad, which you still hear today any time a diva does her big ballad. That song, "Maybe I'm Amazed" and the Carpenters "Goodbye to Love" I'm convinced are the three template early 70's tracks that shaped so much of what came after in that decade (for better and worse).

Even something like "Levon" -- you can hear what Paul Buckmaster and Gus Dudgeon added, and their contributions were great. Still, there's something to be said for hearing songs stripped down like this. That's how you can hear whether a song is good or not, when it grabs you in this elemental form.

Can't get enough of this stuff! With Springsteen, two issues. When he put out the Tracks box, I thought, man, this is going to be great ... only to realize, as much as I dislike Jon Landau, he and Springsteen had a knack for picking the right tracks to put on albums! But ... that fertile period around Nebraska and Born in the USA went largely untaped for that project, as demonstrated by that massive series of bootlegs cataloging those few years of home demos. That's about the only instance where I believe he left a lot of his best stuff on the shelf, or re-arranged it in ways that were inferior and sometimes calculating (think "Cover Me"). It's always a sign of a great artist there's a surplus of material, sometimes an album or more, of unreleased songs around an album.

dogbreath said...

I'm still in discussions with my lawyers as to why we couldn't choose a live track (as in "And to be clear...nothing live!") if the artiste's offical release was a live album and there were unreleased songs issued as bonuses later. (Get over it - ed). Can an unreleased track be unreleased once it's released? (Move on -ed). Anyway, a delightful panoply of (un)released stuff - Kinks, Bowie, Gaye - which makes a jolly fine mix for the weekend. Much thanks as always & may your weekend be half as good as mine - which means mine is still twice as good as yours. Cheers!

jeff said...

yup, great stuff.

A walk in the woods said...

This is a greeeeat concept, a best of of the bonus discs. Looking forward to hearing it, and commenting.

buzzbabyjesus said...

nabbing now, thanks!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal

A great mix here, the Beach Boys Bowie Dylan

A great way to spend an afternoon.