Sunday, August 23, 2015

Songs Of The Week 7.0: 8/15-8/21

Elephants & Flowers- Prince
Chasing Comets-Mads Langer & Tim Christensen
Ship Of Fools- Grateful Dead
We Need To Talk- Randy Bachman
Amy- Ryan Adams
You'll Never Get Me Up In One Of Those-Mickey Jupp
Side With The Seeds- Wilco



A walk in the woods said...

Love the song "Elephants And Flowers".... there's some real gems on "Graffiti Bridge" that nobody every talks about. Release It, The Question Of U, and more.

dogbreath said...

Nice to see Mickey Jupp in there; his "If Only Mother" (Could See Me Now) is one of my favourites of his, as well as a favourite saying of mine. Many thanks for the post.