Friday, October 23, 2015

I am about to catch a train to the depths of New Jersey to a WaWa parking lot to look at someone's record collection in the trunk of his Gran Torino. The things I do for that elusive Benny Mardones record.

This week has slipped away from me, so apologies for the absence of the Weekend Mix. It will appear at some point before the weekend is out.


Anonymous said...

Benny eats Gino Vanelli's dust

dogbreath said...

Didn't know what was meant by a Wawa car park but according to Google there's been a few bodies found in the boots (he means trunks - Ed) of parked cars. Crikey! be on your guard! Anyway, good luck & guess we can wa..wa..wait for the weekend mix.

Anonymous said...

No worries; having played the Booker T bit once or twice or 37 times, I can wait.