Saturday, October 24, 2015

Songs Of The Weekend Mix: 10/17-10/23

Pulling double-duty, this fine collection of music was created from the songs of this week and some tunes I had in reserve for the Weekend Mix. For those keeping track, tracks 2-7, are the Songs Of The Week. I decided to open the proceedings with an early mix of Neil Finn's "Sinner," a song that popped up on the iPod and really did wonders on my head. It felt like a good place to begin.

A few other tunes, specifically The Millenium track and the Dillard & Clark, have been on heavy rotation this week. The harmonies on both are really fab!

The set closes with a Mickey Jupp song that I only just discovered but will now become my permanent theme song.

Thanks for waiting. Hope you give this a spin.


Sinner (Early Mix)- Neil Finn
Barabajagal- Donovan
Ghosts- The Jam
Kid About It- Elvis Costello
Western Movies- The Olympics
Baby That's Me- The Cake
Rattlesnake Shake- Fleetwood Mac
Betcha By Golly,Wow- The Stylistics
It Won't Always Be The Same- The Millenium
Butterfly- James McCartney
Can't Let Gp- Lucinda Williams
Nothing Rhymed- Gilbert O'Sullivan
Will Love Ever Come My Way- Dion
Hung Myself Out To Dry- Pugwash
She Darked The Sun- Dillard & Clark
Grows A Rose- The Black Crowes
I Don't Wanna Know- Li'l Band O' Gold
Modern Music- Mickey Jupp




Great minds ...!

I was listening to that same Lil Band O Gold song when I checked Burning Wood. Of course I can't share because I would look like a heartbroken fool! I really don't want to know :-)

Look forward to the rest.

Thanks Sal. Have a great weekend!

Jeff in Denton TX said...

Dammit, Sal! Now I don't know which music folder this supposed to be saved in--BW Songs of the Week or BW Weekend Mix. #firstworldproblems

A walk in the woods said...

Good one Jeff...

Looks like another excellent mix, Sal. Thanks for what you do, man!

dogbreath said...

Just back from a long weekend trip so my Weekend Mix starts here! A very fine concoction it is too, in which The Stylistics & Gilbert O'Sullivan tunes remind me straight away of slow, smoochy dances decades ago. Plus Li'l Band O' Gold and M. Jupp Esq to end - excellent! Many thanks for the download.