Friday, December 18, 2015

Weekend Mix: Down The Road Feeling

Hopefully this will make your holiday road trip even more festive.

I love "Going Mobile", and cars are my favorite listening room.
If it doesn't sound good cranked up in the car, it's not going to anywhere.

Here is a mix of quirky, atmospheric, and mostly upbeat instrumentals for barrelling down the highway. It will also help make traffic less tedious, should you be so unlucky.

The emphasis is on variety, as usual, and you'll find everything from solo acoustic guitar to Italian Prog. From contemplative to downright funny, all have been extensively road tested.

Travel Safely and have a great Holiday. There will be another weekend mix before the end of the year.


Down The Road Feeling



Thanks BBJ -- I look forward to hearing this mix.

If your car is the listening room have you heard Maren Morris' "My Church?"

Roll down the windows and turn up the volume!

Anonymous said...

BBJ, your periodic interventions are, per your nom de guerre, rarely ever anything short of miraculous...I'm considering sending bottles of water your way, c'est cool?

mil gracias

iggy said...

Make way for BBJ; the road is yours, my friend. Thanks and very happy...


Aaron said...

I depart Sunday for a 4400 mile two week roadtrip. To say your timing was great is an understatement. Thanks so much!

A walk in the woods said...

This looks good - thanks BBJ!

dogbreath said...

With so much water on our roads & localized flooding that a canoe rather than a car would serve more efficiently ("Music For Kayaking" anyone?) but an interesting mix nonetheless, for which many thanks. Actually, "Pipeline" is a surfing tune, so.... Cheers!