Friday, March 11, 2016

Weekend Mix: Trenchtown Rocks Again

The hardest part of making volume 1 was not including all these songs. 

Yesterday got up to 78 degrees. I wore shorts.

In anticipation of warmer, sunnier weather.

Jamaican Holiday Vol 2



William Repsher said...

I'm well versed on most of the tracks on the mix ... but, man, you're getting into another dimension with the graphic arts work! I'm not sure people realize you're creating these graphics yourself ... I take it from jpegs of record labels you're photoshopping and putting your own text over? Interesting stuff from a design point of view.

dogbreath said...

We're not getting into double figures temperature-wise over here (Celsius, that is) so some Jamaican spliff-tastic songs are very welcome. The one standout tune for me, because it was a big hit with the girl I was dating at the time, is "Everything I Own" by Ken Boothe (the poor guy's gone AWOL from the front cover for some reason). A knockout job, sir, and grateful thanks for putting it up out there. Cheers!

buzzbabyjesus said...

Thanks! I scanned the labels here, and photoshopped them blank.

I can't believe I missed Ken Boothe on the cover!

Anonymous said...

I was the original (anonymous) critic of your graphics, so I must congratulate you on this latest effort. Very nice! And thank you for taking my previous criticism in such good spirit. I really am in awe of the outstanding and generous work that you and Sal and many others do, and am profoundly grateful. I just wish I had the technical know-how or musical acumen to respond in kind. I hope that knowing that y'all enrich the lives of so many people is some kind of compensation.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Thanks, Anonymous. You weren't the only one that called me out for the graphics. Details matter, and I promise to keep the playlists readable at least.