Friday, April 1, 2016

"Joy In Woodville": THE WEEKEND MIX

I've been running a vinyl group on Facebook for 18 months. It's a success, and members, who have a dozen or more opportunities a day to purchase records and interact with each other, have become like family. But of course, there is the occasional pill who can ruin things for all involved. Like the guy who for 18 months has never liked a post, or purchased an album, or made any comment of any kind, but found a minute to show off a picture of an album on my want list and offered the bratty comment, "I have it but I'm not selling it." As my grandfather used to say in situations like this, "Some people, I'll tell ya."

"Joy Week," here in our little town of Woodville, got off to a rocky start and then got rockier. Some people, I'll tell ya.

Well, it's Friday, and I'll end "Joy Week" with 15 more songs that never fail to make me feel good. And for the trolls, that's 15 more opportunities for you to take a shit and run.

For the rest of you fine people, I hope you dig the mix. Much of it is obvious, but that's okay. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Plus, not one of these songs ever gets old for me.

Remember, it's supposed to be joyful.


I Saw The Light- Todd Rundgren
Sherry Darling- Bruce Springsteen & The ESB
Our Day Will Come- Ruby & The Romantics
Some Kind Of Wonderful- Soul Brothers Six
Sing It-Marcia Ball, Irma Thomas & Tracy Nelson
Get Down With It- Little Richard
Good Times- The Easybeats
Radiation Vibe- Fountains Of Wayne
Ridin' In My Car- NRBQ
And Your Bird Can Sing- The Beatles
Stupidly Happy- XTC
Elenore- The Turtles
On The Wings Of A Nightingale- The Everly Brothers
Hey Pocky A-Way- The Meters
Hot Fun In The Summertime- Sly & The Family Stone



Anonymous said...

I'm obviously happy. Nice to have a Sal mix again. Thanks, Randy

P.S. That robot thing is a pain in the ass.

buzzbabyjesus said...

Just what I needed today! Thanks!


Brilliant! Thanks Sal.

As we say in Canada... "Sunny Ways!"

Have a joyful weekend.

Shriner said...

"Hot Fun..." and Elenore -- two of the songs that are always in my top-20-of-all-time song lists (which changes so often, but they are mainstays...) You are a grinch if you don't like those two...

J. Loslo said...

Thanks, Sal!

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Nice! I, too, never tire of hearing On the Wings of a Nightingale. Grazie.


Troy said...

Now THAT is one MFer of a JOYFUL mix! If I made a joyful mix, I would have at least half of the same songs as you - - Bruce, NRBQ, Marcia/Irma/Tracy, FOW, Meters, Beatles, and on and on. Thanks, Sal, and have a joyful weekend!

Michael Giltz said...

There's a positive side to everything. In this case, grumpiness inspired a new Sal weekend mix (not that weekend mixes by one and all aren't welcome, of course). I was thinking of a Joy song to suggest for today, something in the spirit of your first few, not hugely well known songs or covers etc. And I was thinking Fountains of Wayne? The EB 84 album? And here they are. I would have chosen "You Make I Seem So Easy" which has an ungainly chorus but I always love the lines "You say that you need me/ But we both know it's a lie/ You need me like Garbo needs pictures...."

But I do love McCartney's tune "Nightingale." Those first two comeback albums are delights.

And ain't that the true sign of a commitment to positivity? Being sunny and Doris Day-like WHEN people are crabby, not just when people are nice.

Have a great weekend.

PS But I'll be listening to Teddy Thompson's new album first. 26 minutes!
PPS I always feel guilty clicking "I'm not a robot" when I'm actually a cyborg. Can you offer a less anti-mecha option where I say "I'm not a spammer either automated or flesh"?

Anonymous said...

How I needed this. Thank you.

dogbreath said...

Works for me. Thanks for putting it together. May your weekend be filled with as much joy as you can handle. Cheers!

A walk in the woods said...

Looking forward to this! Thanks Sal!

Dr Wu said...

Thanks Sal! It was an absolute perfect mix. Play it loud! Have a great weekend. Namaste

whattawino said...

Just seeing a Don Martin character is a joy! ....then, all these songs as a soundtrack to keep it going? Perfect, I tell you!

Bruce Kelly said...

What a great mix. Holy smokes.

Anonymous said...

So let me get this straight Mr. Sal, Mr. Giltz

If we are critical to something you post or bands we love/hate then we proceed to discuss our reasons why we do love/hate certain bands we are labeled "trolls" "doesn't know what he is talking about" or any of the other comments that have been hurled at Michael and myself. Sal as I've said before I love your, blog, your insights and your style of writing. With that being said I will continue to visit but seeing as how I may disagree with your critiques of something you do post I will no longer comment. However I will watch as your followers sit here and sing your praises for every post you put up.

Again thanks for all of the "GREAT" stuff you do post (this blog was the only the time, where I found the new Squeeze album) But from now on I will keep MY MOUTH SHUT.


Sal Nunziato said...


Is that what I did to you? And to "Michael?" I'm pretty sure that isn't what took place. And I'm pretty sure all the comments from Mr. Giltz and Jeff K were directed at the misinformation and not the opinion of the music. The mere fact that you remain anonymous is a problem.

If you aren't a fan of Bruce Springsteen, or if his music doesn't make you as happy as it makes me, feel free to say so. I don't care. But let's make it about the music and not his "false teeth." Hit and run comments about the "giants" and their appearance and their politics have nothing to do with the music. So, yes. If someone decided to take a crap all over something that was supposed to be fun and joyous, simply to be contrary, that is "trolling."

This has been an open forum for 8 years. I have never censored anyone. Don't know how long you've been a reader, but maybe you might remember about 5 years ago where I was being verbally harassed, with personal info being tossed into the comments. I even let those comments fly, hoping someone would come to my defense. Point is, this isn't a "Praise Be To Sal" blog by any stretch of the imagination. No one is singing my praises. I've been blasted over my love of Todd Rundgren and David Bowie. IN 8 years, I posted music from my band approx 3-4 times, all four of the posts hold the record for least amount of comments. So get over it.

If passive-aggressive comments based on nothing, like most of "Michael's" are going to be made, they will be addressed. And I don't really see much difference in what you just did versus what I've been doing, or what Mr. Giltz did. Man-up.

rick said...

I remember once reading the comments section (typically a dangerous undertaking) under a YouTube video of Tedeschi-Trucks' cover of 'Space Captain'. Two guys were absolutely attacking one another until someone else wrote, "You two realize this song is about learning to live together, right?" Apparently, Joy is a controversial topic. Next week: Angst?

Baden-Joost said...

I have found Little Jimmy Dickens "May The Bird Of Paradise Fly Up Your Nose" to be a joyful song. It may be an appropriate one for some of the commenters as the joy continues.

I love the blog the way it is. You are to be commended for trying to bring a little joy into the world; a noble aspiration and a kind gesture. Love every song in your weekend mix. I still keep "And Your Bird Can Sing" in my workout playlist.

Finishing with The Meters and Sly & The Family Stone is a masterstroke.

Be well.

DaViDz said...

Getting caught up with posts and am over the moon about "Joy Week". I was not familiar with the songs by The Skeletons and Swag but, boy on boy, the word "joy" might be an understatement.

To hell with the haters. Some people aren't happy unless they are miserable.

Keep fighting the good fight.

rick said...

I had a literature professor in college who told us that happiness made him uncomfortable and that he preferred to be a little unhappy. I think that was the exact moment I decided that being an English major would lead to a life of misery...