Sunday, April 3, 2016

Songs Of The Week, 2016: 3/19-4/1

Dogs- The Who
Touch Too Much- AC/DC
Heart Of The City- Nick Lowe
Me About You-The Turtles
Earn That Love- Mark Johnson
Some Other Guy- Tom Jones
I Am The Cosmos- Chris Bell
This Is Our Life- Rob Laufer
Everything I Need- Peter Frampton
Telephone Thing- The Fall
The Age Of The Understatement- The Last Shadow Puppets
She Smiled Sweetly- Rolling Stones
Younger- The Rails
Fresh As A Daisy- Emitt Rhodes



dogbreath said...

I like the mix being, er, mixed with new & upcoming acts (the Stones, Frampton et al) (Some mistake there, surely? - Ed) and some oldtimers (Sir Tom is coming to our town this summer). Tried hard last month (but failed) to get into The Last Shadow Puppets but I'll give your pick another go. Many thanks for the post.

A walk in the woods said...

Dang, this looks good! Thanks as always Sal, looking forward to hearing.

p.s. I'm in a big Peter Frampton period right now... can't get enough. Weird to be so into him now after growing up with him and not caring that much, at the time!