Friday, June 3, 2016

Bloom Forever

The Amazon description of the new record from Thomas Cohen  says, "for fans of Richard Ashcroft and Townes Van Zandt." I guess that's not completely ridiculous. Cohen and Ashcroft are both British. Cohen and Townes have written some very personal songs. But musically, "Bloom Forever" sounds nothing like either.

Thomas Cohen wrote "Bloom Forever" while dealing with the tragic loss of his wife Peaches Geldof. It's not a happy record, but there's a lot about it I love. It flows along, often sounding like various passages from both "Meddle" and "Dark Side Of The Moon." Vocally, Cohen leans a bit towards whine, but I was intrigued by all of it, especially the opening and closing trio of tunes.


buzzbabyjesus said...

Terrific. I especially like when it goes all prog.

Dave said...

Love this song after one listen. Will check out the whole CD --- thanks, Sal.

Dave F

Dr Wu said...

Excellent choice, sir! Thanks for further enlightenment.