Thursday, June 2, 2016

They Make Me...Dizzy Mizz Lizzy

Remember this?

We all seemed to go a little gaga over Tim Christensen, his band The Damn Crystals and his friends  Mike Viola and Tracy Bonham, when they took on Paul McCartney's "Ram" a few years back. That was my introduction to Tim Christensen. Since then, I have become a huge fan of the Great Dane. He's an incredible talent, with an ability to not only write and sing, but to explore. He moves effortlessly from power pop, to singer-songwriter to prog and heavy metal and all of it is wonderful.

He had a band. Dizzy Mizz Lizzy. Their last record was 20 years ago, but they are back with "Forward In Reverse." I have been playing this baby non-stop for a week and with each spin, I'm loving it more.

Check out two tracks below, the title track:


And what I believe is the first single:



Dr Wu said...


Shriner said...

Them are some mighty fine songs -- I will seek this out post-haste!

buzzbabyjesus said...

"Pure McCartney" was real popular around here as it was daughter approved. In every way she prefers it to the original. For one thing it was new, and sounded that way.
The drummer absoulutely killed it throughout. A great performance all around.

Forward In Reverse is a gem. Great drum sound, vocal, and guitar tones.

Dr Wu said...

'Pure McCartney':

bing stills said...

Very nice, thank you for sharing!

Anything Should Happen said...

Good call Sal and a great album. As mentioned by BBJ, my other half absolutely adores Tim Christensen, one of few shared interests for us musically. She thinks all Power Pop is twee for instance.

cmealha said...

I love Tim Christensen. Not a big fan of metal. Luckily, enough of Tim's sensibilities come through where I was able to listen to everything twice through and actually liked some of it, though not as much as I think you did. The cuts that I've gone back to are "Forward in Reverse","Something So Familiar" and "Made to Believe". The rest sound good and I can understand folks liking it just not my cup of tea for the most part. There are bits here and there where Tim comes through and are enjoyable but I'm waiting for more of his 'regular' stuff.

hpunch said...

I'm a huge Tim Christensen fan. I was a bit letdown that he chose to reform and record a new Dizzy MIzz Lizzy record instead of a solo one. He shut my trap right up while chewing on Danish crow.
He sounds incredibly inspired. The band sounds like they never stopped being a band.
Killer songs and performances.
My favorite album at the halfway point of 2016.

steve simels said...

Sal -- I can't get these to play on any of my devices.

Is it me?

Sal Nunziato said...

My new "great" replacement for DivShare is apparently not so great. It's fixed now.

steve simels said...

Thanks, pal.