Sunday, September 18, 2016

News and Songs Of The Week: 9/3-9/16

Every year at this time, the site which stores all of the music and zip files you see on this blog needs to be paid. I know there are free sites, but I chose this one for many reasons including safety, size and speed. Every year, up until 2015, I had asked for small contributions to help with the cost. I didn't ask last year because, though I never felt comfortable asking, I felt more uncomfortable now that I had begun contributing less to the Weekend Mixes. This year is different. All of the music, almost 9 years worth, was moved from one server to another, so in order to keep all the links active, each and every link needs to be renamed. It's a daunting task, that I have been doing upon request, but have now considered bagging altogether.

So, there is a Paypal button on the left hand side of the page. If you feel like tossing something into the pot, I'll keep this baby alive. If not, then all links will be dead permanently and we will start anew come October 1st.

Thank you all for your continued support. This place only works because of you guys.

And now....your Songs Of The Week

You Don't Know How It Feels- Tom Petty
However Much I Booze- The Who
Hell Raiser- The Sweet
Gypsy Biker- Bruce Springsteen
Peppermint Lump- Angie & Pete Townshend
One Day- Jeff Lynne
Ride The Rhythm- Sly & The Family Stone
The Thin Ice- Pink Floyd
About You- Paul McCartney
Lovers Of The Sun- The Jayhawks
Lenny- Supergrass
Spanish Dancer- Steve Winwood
Before My Heart Attacks- Jason Falkner
It's Too Late- Bob Mould


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dogbreath said...

Can you believe I was missing this blog while holidaying in Ibiza? Sad git that I am, I have a rule of no mobile phones, no similar devices & no internet to properly "get away from it all". Unless in dire emergencies of course. Anyway, glad to be back & catching up with your posts - a thankless task for you sometimes I'm sure. Consequently I'm late in hitting the "donate" button but my leftover Euros (not spent in over-indulging) will be on their way. Love the blog. Thanks for the double SOTW zip. Cheers!