Monday, December 5, 2016

Keef On Keefin' On

It's December and rainy and chilly and Monday. These are just four my least favorite things. But, it's not like me to bring everybody down. ~ahem~

Anyway, I woke up to this gorgeous Keith song in my head. It feels appropriate for today and it is certainly a high note of late career Stones.

Plus, I got nothin' else.


Gene Oberto said...

I wish I could share your passion for Keith as a singer. In harmony, the Glitter Twins are always special. However, I feel that Keith singing is too much of a "me, too" from Keith. You know, Keith's "Ya know, the band is more than just Mick Jagger."

We agree on most things, but this ain't one of them.

buzzbabyjesus said...

I disagree.
Add this song to one of my least favorite things on a chilly December Monday morning. It was a struggle getting through two minutes. Some nice touches in the arrangement, particularly the mellotron. But the melody, or lack of, sounds like every other boring "mature" ballad Keith has written.

My objection to this is the same as most late-period Stones. It sounds like lazy, uninspired writing.
I could pick up a guitar right now, come up with a musically correct chord structure, and force a melody of sorts onto it. Chances are it wouldn't be any good, but it would qualify as a song.

Fortunately for the world, no one will hear it.
Unfortunately for the world, we continue to receive product from the Stones.
Lazy writing is one way KD Lang ended up with a credit on "Anybody Seen My Baby?".

Sometimes a really good riff will arrive unannounced. The hard part is coming up with the rest of the song. Sure it's possible to resolve with something, but coming up with material equal to the inititial inspiration can be a struggle. I've saved some bits for years searching for worthy resolution.

This song, as with most post "Some Girls" Stones, sounds like it was painfully squeezed out and pinched off. Like they couldn't wait to get the sessions over with and get back to the expensive nothing their lives are full of.
There is no evidence of chemistry, inspiration, or passion. It is music by the numbers.

It is certainly Monday.

Sal Nunziato said...

I'm sorry, did I say I thought this song was gorgeous? My bad. I meant to say Tuesday Weld was gorgeous. Not sure how I mixed up the copy.

Dr Wu said...

Thanks for the share, Sal. I've always had a soft spot for Keith's ballads on the latter day Stones' albums. 'All About You' is a favorite. And the ones on his first solo album are 'gorgeous'. Seque: I'm curious about your thoughts on the Margo Price album, which I love.

buzzbabyjesus said...

We all hear things a little differently. I wanted to hear what you heard, but I didn't.

big bad wolf said...

i think it is gorgeous. like dylan, keith's brilliance is in how he conveys it, not in whether it ticks boxes and fits structures. more, in dylan's case, much more, often comes from not doing what others could and bringing what others cannot, however unconventionally.