Friday, December 2, 2016

Rolling Stones Country: THE WEEKEND MIX

I found a post from 2013, written right about the time the Rolling Stones were about to go on tour. I go on for more than a bit about the same things I went on about just the other day while discussing their new blues record. I mention Jagger trying too hard to stay relevant, jacked up ticket costs, bad live performances, lousy production, age, etc.. But it wasn't all bad. The post, actually a Weekend Mix, ended this way.

"That said, here are a dozen of my favorite Stones songs from the albums that apparently suck. It should not go unnoticed that four and a half tunes are sung by Keith and four are from "Steel Wheels," a real diamond in the doody that is the Stones' 80's output. I'd also like to mention that anyone who dismisses "It's Only Rock & Roll," and especially "Black & Blue," just isn't listening."

This was the tracklist:

Love Is Strong
Hand Of Fate
Worried About You
All About You
The Worst
Can't Be Seen
Fingerprint File
Almost Hear You Sigh
Memory Motel
Hold Onto Your Hat
Slipping Away

I knew I wanted to put together a Stones mix, as an antidote to the dreck that is "Blue & Lonesome." A compilation of better blues tunes seemed too obvious. I thought of calling the mix "CBGB," but couldn't come up with one Stones bluegrass tune, at least real bluegrass. I decided on "Rolling Stones Country," which covers a lot of ground while not really straying too far from the theme.

Mick & Keith always sounded great together when singing country harmony. It's not all about that, but you'll get the idea. It could almost be the Stones "Stripped," like the album of the same name, only everything here is from the studio, including a few oddities to keep everyone on their toes.

Enjoy, I hope.


Country Honk
Silver Train
Dear Doctor
Back Street Girl
Drift Away
Factory Girl
Shake Your Hips
Let's Spend The Night Together '95
No Expectations
Through The Lonely Nights
Dead Flowers
Sweet Black Angel
You Got The Silver (Mick's Version)
You Win Again
Blinded By Love
Sweet Virginia



snakeboy said...

A case of respect to you for NOT including "Far Away Eyes."
Always thought of it as a Stones novelty song.

bostig said...

Thanks. will listen with interest.

wardo said...

Beggars Banquet is one of my favorite country albums. I am not being sarcastic.

Anonymous said...

I've always enjoyed "Far Away Eyes" because it's a great singalong (especially if a few bevvies are involved) and it is silly. I would include "Thru and Thru" on the first list, one of my favorite Keith songs backed by the story of Charlie playing the drums in a stairwell.

Ken D said...

Nice idea, well executed. Look forward to the oddities as well.
& I'm with snakeboy—don't need to hear "Far Away Eyes" ever again.

Chris Collins said...

Waylon Jennings said that the Stones were the best "Country Band in America" for a while

Dr Wu said...

Loved your 2013 mix! Looking forward to spinning this one. Thanks for all you do, Sal!

Anonymous said...

Sympathy for the devils link down...any chance?

Sal Nunziato said...

Link is updated.

HippieGirl21 said...

I would have to say that my favorite album by them is a really difficult toss-up between 1997's Bridges to Babylon and 1994's Voodoo Lounge. Two great albums. "Love is Strong" is one of my all time favorite 90s-era Stones songs, right behind "You Got Me Rocking"

J. Loslo said...

Thanks for this stuff. I missed out on the Some Girls deluxe edition, so I didn't know the Stones had ever recorded You Win Again. Turns out there's some other good stuff among the Some Girls outtakes. So, again, thanks.

Anonymous said...

you're a diamond...

buzzbabyjesus said...

Looks like a good one, Thanks.

I like random songs after "Exile", but no albums in their entirety.

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Nice buncha picks. Especially ballsy call with Blinded BY Love.


A walk in the woods said...

Sal, one of your best mixes - been listening to this a lot lately. There's a lot more country in their ouevre than I thought.

A walk in the woods said...

One more song that could be added to another "Stones Country" mix - ever heard the Peter Wolf song that Mick sings on, "Nothing But The Wheel"? Awesome, and all country.