Sunday, December 11, 2016

Songs Of The Week, 2016: 11/26-12/9

Hasten Down The Wind- Warren Zevon
Daily Bread- Corey Harris
Axe Victim- Be Bop Deluxe
State Of Grace- Billy Joel
Heaven That I'm making- Crowded House
Full Measure- Lovin' Spoonful
Who Are You- Tom Waits
Do You Believe In Magic- The Pogues
Waterloo Sunset- David Bowie
The Neighbor- Jason Falkner
Solider Blue- Julian Cope
Pay It Back- Elvis Costello
Run Devil Run- Paul McCartney
Anyone Who Had A Heart- Dionne Warwick



Anonymous said...

Hey Sal, Saw The Flat Five last night and they were as wonderful as you could hope. Great musicianship, heavenly harmonies and the added bonus of Kelly Hogan's sense of humor honed from years as a bartender. She also totally rocked her Shitty Barn hoody. All that and a plate of cookies in Kiki's basement.

J. Loslo said...

The Pogues covering The Spoonful? How'd I miss that?

Thanks, Sal.

dogbreath said...

A couple of interesting covers in the SOTF (Songs of the Fortnight) and the divine Dionne Warwick single to round it off. Lovely stuff. Thanks!