Sunday, April 15, 2018

Songs Of The Week, 2018: 4/7-4/13

International Feel (Complete)- Todd Rundgren
Shirley- John Fred & His Playboy Band
Say Goodbye- Cheap Trick
Doing That Scrapyard Thing- Cream
Love's Gone Bad- Chris Clark
If You Change Your Mind- Raspberries
Edible Flowers- Finn Brothers
International Feel -Todd Rundgren 
While discussing vinyl remasters with The John Sally Ride, "A Wizard/A True Star" came up and of course I needed to hear it right then and there. Decided I wanted to post "International Feel" as a SOTD and found a version on YouTube created by a fan, that combines the opening and closing theme from Side One. That's what this is.
Shirley-John Fred & The Playboys 
I love Louisiana Swamp Pop and with a trip to New Orleans on the horizon, I felt like hearing some.

Say Goodbye- Cheap Trick
Felt like hearing it.

Doing That Scrapyard Thing- Cream 
I picked up a terrific Japanese "Best Of Cream" at last week's record show. This track was on it and it sounded so good on this particular pressing, I made it a SOTD.

Love's Gone Bad- Chris Clark 
I have been obsessing about the "Soul Sounds" album by Chris Clark. It's one of the rarer Motown records. It's like Dusty Springfield backed by The Funk Brothers trying to sound like a garage band. I finally found an affordable copy and this track is a personal fave.

If You Change Your Mind- Raspberries 
Another random winner thanks to iPod shuffle.

Edible Flowers- Neil Finn 
With all the talk about Neil Finn joining Fleetwood Mac after Lindsey's firing, I felt like hearing some. You know I really love Neil Finn. I have since the first time I saw Split Enz in 1980. And of course,  love Lindsey. But I don't think I want to hear Neil sing Lindsey any more than I want to hear Lindsey sing Neil.



Hey Sal,

Since your recent post about the lack of comments on the SOTW the topic has been in the back of my mind.

I always look and download the songs -- even more than I connect with the songs each day. I really appreciate the offering. And I don't usually comment. So why?

Most of all I don't want it to look like one of those dorky cooking shows where people sit around eating and can only say "Wow. this is delicious." Doesn't really add much to the conversation.

My reaction to the SOTW are sorta like my reaction to lots of BurningWood posts:

* If a song is one of MY favourites or is special to ME -- like this week's "If You Change Your Mind" -- I figure that is far less important or interesting than that YOU have included. I always appreciate hearing it again.
* Another class of songs is like "Love's Gone Bad." I dig the song and am reminded how little I know about music -- what a crazy story to be a white artist at Motown in the day.
* Then there are the "Oh man, I'd forgotten about" songs like that Cheap Trick song.
* And I always get a kick out of the favourite songs to you, songs that keep showing up on these lists -- Eric Carmen's Sunrise? :-)
* Finally there are songs "I don't get." I always figure if an artist went to the trouble to make a song and it ends up as a SOTW maybe I'm missing something.

All a long way of saying I love the Songs Of The Week and I don't comment. Other than to say this week's collection is delicious!

Mr. Baez said...

Hey Sal,
I too wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the SOTW. Always a great bunch of songs. Great to hear a John Fred song on this list. Lately I've been obsessed with the "Agnes English" album; especially the kick off song "Up and Down." Just such a rocking little number. And its great to have you back on a semi-regular rotation!

Frito Bandito said...

Hey Sal,
I'm going to New Orleans for the first time in May and was wondering what music venues and restaurants you'd recommend. From your past posts, you seem pretty knowledgeable about all things Big Easy. Thanks

buzzbabyjesus said...

More Fleetwood Mac drama. I have a hard time wrapping my mind around Neil Finn joining that juggernaut. Mike Campbell less so. It will be interesting no doubt seeing how it all works.

cmealha said...

Thanks for sharing this particular version of International Feel. Always loved the song but the muddy production always irked me. Would have loved to hear a crisp, clean recording of this wong as I think it's one of the best. "Say Goodbye" is also one of my favorite Cheap Trick songs and shining example of why I love them. Chris Clark's track was the find of the week for me. I'd never even heard of her but this is a killer Holland, Dozier, Holland track and she's worthy of additional investigation. "If You Change Your Mind" is yet another gem from a bad that I don't think gets enough love.

Sal Nunziato said...


My two favorite places to eat:

Breakfast and/or lunch- Elizabeth's In The Bywater
Dinner- Cochon

Music is all over, all the time. When you get to New Orleans, pick up a copy of Offbeat, which is free and could be found in many shops in the FQ. They will have daily listings. I like Snug Harbor. It's a jazz club, with set times of 8 and 10, comfortable seating, great sound. Once you're on Frenchmen St, you'll be surrounded by music clubs.

If you want to leave your e-mail address as a comment, I won't publish, and I can send you a more detailed reply.

Duardo said...

I'm guilty also of not commenting on the SOTW; or commenting much at all, for that matter. I usually consume a few days at a time and by the time I check in, everyone has moved on. Besides, I feel like a freshman attending an advanced class in the intricacies of music. Instead of pretending like I know anything, I just sit in the back and take copious notes.

Back to the SOTW. The lead-off is probably from what's become my favorite Rundgren album. I think I commented on "Wizard" before and it came out dorky and maybe passive/aggressive, which wasn't my intent. I think it was something along the lines of "I'm not the biggest Rundgren fan..." What I meant was I wasn't that well informed about all things Todd. Thanks to you, my curiosity was piqued. I edited/combined the first three songs from "Wizard" as a 'suite' and the songs no longer sound the same individually.

Thanks again, Sal. And welcome back.

Dr Wu said...

Great set of songs! Thank you, Sal. Also, I’ve included the link to NOLA’s ‘Offbeat’ magazine.

dogbreath said...

Ditto your thoughts on the Buckingham-Finn scenario. Neil Finn in the Mac? Who'd have thunk it? Isn't it fun that Fleetwood Mac can still throw us/me a curve ball after all this time? Great SOTW zip & especially good to hear that Cream tune after so long. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

Wow! A new version of one of my favorite songs (International Feel) - kudos to the fan who blended that. Made my day (and it's just begun!). Thanks Sal!!


Chris Collins said...

This is a great mix. Thanks.

Looking forward to digging into the Chris Clark album, now that you've brought it to my attention.

Still not over the Fleetwood Mac thing. At all.

softshoebanana said...

If You Change Your Mind- Raspberries. You've got to love iPod shuffle.

A walk in the woods said...

I like the way you referred to the whole Lindsey Buckingham/Neil Finn/(Mike Campbell) thing (a bit embarrassing that they "need" two guys to replace the one Lindsey, right? I love all three of those musicians. But Lindsey is the man, to me. And to hear Neil and Mike sing Lindsey's songs (how can they not?) will just feel like a jukebox cover band effort.... but for big bucks. Much as I love the Mac, I'd avoid this tour at all costs.

My hope is, this gives Lindsey the creative breathing room to just put out another great solo album, which is always his best work anyway (at least over the past 20 years, he's put out some amazing solo LPs, especially the timeless "Under The Skin.")