Monday, April 16, 2018

The Birthday Party

The Birthday Party's "Junkyard" has been one of the "ten albums", would have surely made the list if it were twenty, and will probably someday cycle back into the top ten.

I was turned onto The Birthday Party just as they broke up in 1983. "Junkyard"(1982) was their last full length. Nick Cave was at the height of his junkie years, and I had no idea he would survive or go on to such acclaim as an artist. The Birthday Party was intentionally as cathartic and darkly humorous  as could be. Nick has matured as an artist, and his palette broadened, but albums like "Murder Ballads" (1996) are still plenty dark.
They actually hired Ed "Big Daddy" Roth to create the cover art. By this time Roth was a devout Mormon, had no idea who the Birthday Party were, and was later appalled to find out.
Here is one of my all-time favorite songs, "Big Jesus Trash Can" (words:Nick Cave, music: Mick Harvey).

From their final ep "Mutiny In Heaven" comes the equally disturbing "Deep In The Woods" (1983).

And a promo video for "Nick The Stripper", from "Prayers On Fire" (1981).

Music for a dark day.




Anonymous said...

I do a pretty mean Nick impersonation - "Hands up! Who wants to die?"

I kept up through "The Good Son" (which kind of presages his current period), but after that it was one or two listens each. I can imagine a mixtape of the best of the later period, especially my wife's favorite, "I'll Love You Until the End of the World" from the s/t.

Troy said...

So in a 'point-counterpoint' style, following music for a dark day, will you create a post about music for a bright, sunny day? Just kidding...

buzzbabyjesus said...

Don't be surprised.