Tuesday, April 3, 2018

That's When Your Heartaches Begin

As long as we're on the subject of Elvis, here's what I think is Andy Kaufman's best performance impersonating the King. It illustrates perfectly the difference between parody and homage.

Here's Tony Clifton, as played by Bob Zmuda, retelling the true story of Andy's meeting Elvis Presley.

During Andy's lifetime, Bob sometimes appeared as Tony. The audience never knew. The only distinguishing factor being that Bob was considerably taller.



Dr Wu said...

Excellent share, BBJ. Thanks! Hadn’t seen either of these. I still believe one the most iconic comedic moments EVER is his performance of the theme from ‘Mighty Mouse’ on SNL. Just brilliant! Thanks again
Sidenote: thanks for the reminder on The Band of Bees too.

JD Seid said...

Andy was one of a kind. I was luck enough to have been at the Carnegie Hall cookies and milk show.