Friday, May 11, 2018

"Crescent City Six Pack": THE WEEKEND MINI-MIX

                                                                            (Lafayette Cemetery-photo by me)

I didn't have a mix prepared for today, but I did still have New Orleans on my mind. I realize some of you may not share the same affinity for the music of New Orleans that I do, so rather than burden you with 75 minutes, I've put together a quickie that you will hopefully have the patience to listen to. Plus, I now have it out of my system...for the time being.


All Right Now- Jon Cleary
Cleary is always a must-see when he comes to town or when I go to his. He first played this Free cover live in 2007, then released it on an E.P.. One of my favorite Cleary tunes is something he hasn't recorded, but more on that later.

Flame On-The Iguanas
The Iguanas are another fave. They've been holding court on Wednesdays at The Circle Bar for as long as I've been going to New Orleans, which is almost 20 years, and it was only this past visit, that I finally got to see them play on their turf, in that tiny place with the greatest jukebox on Earth. I don't know why it took so long.

Southern Man-John Boutte
If you check out today's Song Of the Day, you will see and hear John Boutte covering Pink Floyd. Every year, John pulls out a cover and makes it sound like it was written in and for New Orleans. I haven't listened to Neil's "Southern Man" the same way since.

Lovely- Maurice Brown
I met Maurice about 15 years ago, at a now defunct club called the Funky Butt. He was playing with his band Soul'd U Out, in a room no bigger than a living room. The band members, which included a very young Jon Batiste on keyboards, were literally climbing in through the French doors and windows, over patrons, to get to their instruments. That show, remains one of the most thrilling sets of live music I have ever witnessed. Maurice and I have remained friends and we spent some quality time together on this past trip. Though he is originally from Chicago, we both feel like New Orleans is where it truly started for him. This is from his "Cycle Of Love" record and it is a Maurice original with one of the most beautiful melodies I have ever heard.

21st Century Gypsy Singing Lover Man-Taj Mahal
As I mentioned earlier, one of my favorite Jon Cleary tunes is something he hadn't recorded. It was given to Taj Mahal and this is it. Everything about this tune, from the gorgeous arrangement to the heartbreak delivery of Taj's vocals, kills me. About 2-3 years ago, I commented on Cleary's Facebook page, that he should record this himself. During his set at Fest on the 25th, he said, "Here's something I had written for Taj Mahal that I finally recorded myself. It will be on our new album, Dynamite, due out July 13th!" Man, was I happy right then and there.

When The Levee Breaks-Stanton Moore Trio
I have raved about Stanton and his drumming time and again, and again, his performance the evening I arrived in the Crescent City, was off the rails. He is a personal fave and it seemed appropriate to finish off the mini-set with this classic.

Thanks everyone! Enjoy...I hope.


                                                                         (Sunset Over Treme-photo by me)


Gram Lynch said...

Checked out a few of those songs and the Taj Mahal number was my favourite. Thanks for that.

Troy said...

Great mix! Good news on the new Jon Cleary disc. I supported his fundraising campaign for it about a year ago. To be honest, he & his team haven't done a good job of keeping his supporters informed, but I see his schedule and realize how busy he is. I'm glad it is finally seeing the light of day. Also, congrats on seeing the Iguanas at Circle Bar. I heard their new song the other day and it is growing on me. Good times. Have a festive weekend!

buzzbabyjesus said...

Nice postcard from your trip. You can't really love music without New Orleans. It's the roots of most of what we cherish.


Sixpack -- Great Idea! :-)

Oh man ... I gotta get to NOL

Thanks Sal.

Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for these NOLA goodies!!! While I love NOLA music I haven't stayed up on current music from there as much as I should. This will help keep me in the loop. My I have your blessing to play some of these on the show?

Captain Al

Sal Nunziato said...

My first trip to New Orleans, I packed clothes of course, but also, Visine, aspirin, floss, Alka-Seltzer and Tums. And my friend from New Orleans christened the set as the Crescent City Six Pack.

Captain Al,
Of course!

kodak ghost said...

Great mix. I still play the longer ones you did ages ago, there were some real gems in there. I'd love to see Cleary live. I saw Dr John several times over the years.... As a callow youth he blew us all away in Uk with an appearance on the Old Grey Whistle Test TV show and I ran out and bought Gumbo and said... how the hell does he do that! That record expanded horizons and introduced me to the music of Prof Longhair, the Meters etc.

Too much good music is never enough so if you ever have it in you to so an extended version.....

art58koen said...

Thanks, nice NOLA collection!

JD Seid said...

Great collection.

bing stills said...

Looking forward to checking out the mix. Beautiful photos!