Sunday, March 17, 2019

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Twice a year, if that, I use this space to reach out to all of you regarding your vinyl collections. I have made a living buying and selling records and CDs for almost 30 years. More like 40, if you count the early years when it was more of a part time job. But with the vinyl fetish reaching a fever pitch of obnoxcocity---I made that up--- it has become increasingly more difficult to acquire collections. You see, everyone thinks they have gold.

A good condition copy of "Beatles '65" is worth about as much as a great condition copy of "Beatles '65, which is about nothing. But it's hard to convince people of that, because it's The Beatles and, well, people think they know everything. Also, many just don't want to give up their collections, even though both turntable and collection have been in storage for years. The worst of it comes from those who think they can sell their collection themselves, which usually falls apart the minute they realize, they actually have to work to do it.

I work very hard at what I do. Selling records pays my bills when I have records to sell, and when I don't, it sucks. It's a job like any other, albeit when it's fun, it is really a lot of fun.

That said, I am looking for records. All the time. Small collections and large. I sell mostly on line, in a Facebook vinyl group I created about 3 years ago and on Discogs. Here is the link to my Discogs shop. Feel free to go shopping!

If you have records you'd like to unload, please contact me. I realize it will do neither of us any good if you are further than a car trip away, but I also have a want list, which is below. Maybe you have some of these, which can be shipped easily.

That is all.
Thanks for your time and thanks for looking.

(Specific pressing can be discussed later)

Corrosion Of Conformity- Deliverance
Tages- Extra Extra
Galactic Ruckus
Herbie Hancock- The New Standard
John Mayall- A Hard Road
Jimi Hendrix- Band Of Gypsys UK Puppet Cover)
Jigsaw-Leatherslade Farm
Jigsaw-Aurora Borealis
Redd Kross- Show World
The Easybeats-Friends
Kaleidoscope-Faintly Blowing (Reissue)
Aardvark (Tapestry Reissue)
Prince Buster's Fabulous Greatest Hits
Queen Rock Montreal
Pops Staples-Father Father
Paul Weller-Illumination
Paul Weller- Wake Up The Nation
Marty Stuart-Saturday Night/Sunday Morning
Del Amitri- Twisted
Rufus Wainwright-Want Two
Levon Helm-Electric Dirt
Foxy Shazam-Church Of Rock N Roll
Chris Isaak-Beyond The Sun
Gilberto Gil 1968 (s/t)
Van Morrison w/ Georgie Fame- How Long Has This Been Going On
Sparks- Lil Beethoven
Stray Cats-Choo Choo Hot Fish- 10"
Neil Young- Ragged Glory
Tears For Fears- Everybody Loves A Happy Ending
North Mississippi All Stars- Electric Blue Watermelon
Queen- Live At the Rainbow 74 (4 LP Box)
The Parlour Band- Is A Friend
The Runaways- s/t
The Runaways- Queens Of Noise
Michael Penn-Resigned
Little Bob & The Lollipops- Nobody But You
David Byrne & Brain Eno-Everything That Happens
Aerosmith- Nine Lives
Paper Bubble-Scenery
Booker T & The MGs- Union Extended
Hot Dog (Guinness Records)
Mortimer- s/t (Phillips)
Rickie Lee Jones- Pop Pop
Black Crowes- By Your Side
Nick Lowe-At My Age
Van Morrison-Days Like This
Bryan Ferry-Frantic
Bryan Ferry-Mamouna
The Replacements- Live Inconcerated
The Replacements- Don't Buy Or sell, It's Crap
Buzzcocks- More Product In A Different Compilation
Procol Harum- Shine On Brightly (Original UK)
Shawn Colvin- Fat City
Ian Hunter- Artful Dodger
Brian May- Back To The Light
Jimmie Vaughan- Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites


Anonymous said...

"Obnoxcocity" -- I like it! Years ago I made up "geniocity" -- the effect of having genius. I didn't even realize it wasn't a word til I used it once and the guy I was talking to laughed and said "That's not a word!" When I looked it up I saw he was right....but, still, he knew what I meant. So it should be a word. The geniocity of it demands it!
C in California

Anonymous said...

Sal, went shopping on your Discogs page (sorry, nothing I have to have today). Just wanted to say it's nice to see so many good, affordable titles you have available as opposed to so many sellers who charge out the wazoo.