Tuesday, March 19, 2019

What's a Fernweh?

Everyone likes a good cover version, yes? But what about when someone tells you that your favorite song off of your favorite album of all time is the new single from a band you never heard of before?

I was not amused.  I refused to listen, much in the same way I would refuse to see Ralph Macchio play Stanley Kowalski.

Instead, I decided to listen to the band's debut record, which my friend highly recommended and as it turned out, I really liked The Fernweh. Released last year, The Fernweh is a solid record sounding a bit like the British folk and prog I love so much---Fairport Convention, Strawbs, Bert Jansch---with a hint of Syd Barrett psychedelia---and a touch of Echo & The Bunnymen. Or, you can take what Spotify has to say about them:

"The Fernweh was created by three musicians, Jamie Backhouse, Ned Crowther & Austin Murphy, who wanted to make a record that embodied their love of British folk & psychedelia. Three years in the making, their eponymous debut album brings together a collection of songs that examine childhood nostalgia, memory and loss through a distinctly British lens - a creative strand that runs through many of the group’s influences: Anne Briggs, The Zombies, Frederick Delius, Basil Kirchin, Fairport Convention & Joy Division (See Junk - One Hundred Fixes For The Fernweh)."

The Ferweh passed my test and out of respect, I decided I'd listen to their new single, a cover of "Sunrise," my favorite song off of my favorite album, "The Who Sell Out." It's at the top, and I don't hate it. I am not even remotely offended. It's quite good.


Check out the debut by The Fernweh or just start with the two tracks I've posted here.


Anonymous said...

Really good. Reminds me of Starry Eyed and Laughing. I liked Sunrise the least of the three tracks.

Captain Al

ken49 said...

I found them on Spotify a little awhile ago and liked them for the same reasons you mentioned. They also have their own Ferweh playlist, Junk - 100 Fixes that shows their likes and influences. I also wanted to mention back when the discussion was about English Weather that one of your mixes, Flog and Poke (I think) reminded me of being in a similar vein and equally enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

I thought that you’d like them!!