Sunday, July 26, 2020

Songs Of The Week, 2020: 7/18-7/24

Waiting For The Worm To Turn- Bourgeois Tagg
Your Own Worst Enemy- Bruce Springsteen
She's Such A Beauty- Emitt Rhodes
Grass- The Pretty Things
Rose Darling- Steely Dan
Tell Me About Your Love- Van Morrison
I Won't Be The Same Without Her- The Monkees


Waiting For The Worm To Turn- Bourgeois Tagg
During the recording of this song, originally called "Waiting For The World To Turn," producer Todd Rundgren stopped the proceedings in the middle of the lead vocal, pushed down on the "talk" button and said, "From now on, this song is called "Waiting For The Worm To Turn." Larry Tagg, the Tagg of Bourgeois Tagg, shared that with me one afternoon in my shop. He also said, "It was better. I couldn't argue with Todd." This song and that story came to mind while discussing with a friend how difficult Todd could be in the studio.

Your Own Worst Enemy- Bruce Springsteen
No story behind this entry, just wanted to hear it and share it.

She's Such A Beauty- Emitt Rhodes
One more for Emitt.

Grass -The Pretty Things
I have never been a huge fan of "S.F. Sorrow." I like it, but I think it falls short of the accolades it receives. "Parachute" from 1970 is the one! This track opens Side Two. It's a beauty, not unlike something Pink Floyd would achieve 5 years later on "Wish You Were Here."

Rose Darling- Steely Dan
This one woke me up. I don't recall if I was dreaming it, but I was singing it even before coffee on Wednesday morning.

Tell Me About Your Love- Van Morrison
This beauty was in my in-box, sent from my pal Zippy with a note, "Never heard this before and I really like it." Well, I had never heard it before either and it is now my new favorite Van tune. Recorded in 1973, mixed in 1999, and eventually released as a U.K. b-side to "Back On Top."

I Won't Be The Same Without Her- The Monkees
Another I just wanted to hear and share. I think one of  Nesmith's best.


Here is a bonus six pack featuring some of my favorite Peter Green moments.

The Supernatural
Jigsaw Puzzle Blues
One Sunny Day
My Dream
Like Crying
Man of The World



Unknown said...

Thanks for the Peter Green tribute. He deserved far more recognition during his lifetime. FP

Slidewell said...

So sorry to hear of Greeny's passing. Nice tracks you picked, but correct me if I'm wrong, I believe Jigsaw Puzzle Blues is all Danny Kirwan...

Sal Nunziato said...

You're right about Jigsaw. You know, I love that track so much, how it packs so much into so little time, I added it without thinking. Oh well...Part 3.

Troy said...

Had to d/l this to get that Van Morrison track. Thanks for sharing!

Bill said...

It's so interesting when you wake up singing a song. A number of years ago I kept a list of songs that I woke up singing and ended up making a tape of them (that's how many years ago it was). I'm not sure it revealed anything in particular, but it certainly was interesting to see what songs worked their way up from the land of slumber.

dogbreath said...

Thanks for doing up your two zips. Van the Man's tune is a proper little gem, worth the price of admission by itself. Cheers!

Ccjctwo said...