Monday, March 6, 2017

Great Lost Singles, Part One: Please Don't Leave Me

I just read on the interweb that guitar god and major contributor to our ozone problems, John Sykes, is releasing his first record in 17 years. If you are not familiar with John Sykes, it might very well be by choice. But no amount of hairspray or Tawney Kitaen videos could take away the man's ability to play the guitar.

Whitesnake, Tygers Of Pan Tang, Blue Murder, and the reason I am here today, Thin Lizzy, all featured Sykes talents. He was not a shredder, though he could shred with the best of them, if that's your thing. For the record, it is not mine. John Sykes had speed, yes, but also a knack for melody, a trait all guitarists displayed once part of the Thin Lizzy roster.

In 1982, Sykes released a solo single, "Please Don't Leave Me," a Sykes single in name only. It was basically Thin Lizzy, with Brian Downey on drums, Darren Wharton on keys, Sykes on guitar, of course, and Phil Lynott on bass and lead vocals. I have not thought about this single in ages.

Something about it really knocked me out at the time, and it hasn't lost its charm, hearing it again after so many years. Phil Lynott, as per usual, delivers a heartfelt vocal, as only he could, and Sykes' solo break is a soulful killer.

There! That's out of my system.


dogbreath said...

No argument from me on Sykes' abilities: he's a top man on guitar. Glad to learn that it's not only me and the bloke who delivered the milk down my road that liked the Tygers and Blue Murder! Cheers!

cmealha said...

Very nice!