Saturday, March 4, 2017

The Other 100: 16-30 AND Songs Of The Week, 2017: 2/26-3/3

THE OTHER 100: 16-30

Fine Line- Paul McCartney
Soul Brother- Todd Rundgren
Sneakin' Sally Through the Alley- Robert Palmer
Sister Midnight- Iggy Pop
Rattlesnake Shake- Fleetwood Mac
Move On Alone- Jethro Tull
Someday We'll Know- New Radicals
Had To Run Around- The Merry-Go-Round
Wide Boys- Ultravox
Fight For Your To Party- The Hotrats
That's All I Got- Steve Earle
The Millionaire Waltz- Queen
Head- Prince
Squonk- Genesis
True- James Booker



Missing You- The Merry-Go-Round
It's The Little Things- The Skeletons
I Wonder If She Remembers Me- The McCoys
Your Skin- Chuck Prophet
Sometime- King's X
Impatience- Elvis Costello
St. Louis- The Easybeats



dogbreath said...

Now I know why I was playing Macca, Mac, Queen & King's X over the weekend. Must've been after reading your concise treatises on your desert island albums that the subliminal thing stimulated my remaining brain cells to dig out the offending discs. Nice selections in the zips, thanks very much!

A walk in the woods said...

Dang, yeah - thanks for this, Sal!