Wednesday, June 21, 2017

You. Must. Watch. Him. Play. Guitar.


Dan_invader said...

Flipante. Thanks

Anonymous said...

This generation's "Kenny Rankin"?

I see his entire career unfolding before my eyes (ears) and that is what if feel will happen.

Anyone feel a different type of vibe?

Captain Al

Sal Nunziato said...

Hey Captain. Are you saying Kenny Rankin could play guitar? I had no idea. What little I heard--Like A Seed--- never impressed me,

buzzbabyjesus said...

This kid is serious. He knows what he's doing with those mics on his Martin. Sounds as full as a piano.

I loathed "Like A Seed" BTW.

Anonymous said...


I'm not referring to the guitar playing which is quite good but the overall vibe of the performance.

But what my comment really means is I've been listening to rock music for way too many years and think I can (and some times I can) spot all I need to know about a musical act in 30 seconds. A stupid attitude? Yes, but one that works for me nowadays when I assemble a 3 hour radio show each week and I need to keep my sanity and limit my musical choices to what I can sanely manage.

Kenny Rankin's music is snooze-ville and I envisioned the kid's musical career following a similar flight path to Rankin's. There are a lot of very talented musicians making very boring music out there and having long successful careers. Not good musical careers but long lucrative ones.

All this from one 30 second exposure to the kid's performance. Pretty sick, but if I thought I'd be around in another 20 years (and I hope to be) I'd bet somebody $20 that I'm correct. And I might win the bet.

I use to resent record executives for having the same arrogant attitude the few times I spoke with them but know I understand it why they become that way.

Be well and take good care of your ears!!!

Captain Al

itsok2beright said...

From the harmonics to 1:56, I can watch that over and over. If he was playing without singing, I be overly impressed, but throw in the timing on the vocals, and just wow. Sign him up. Is he available on the 9th?

Anonymous said...


buzzbabyjesus said...

If it doesn't catch my attention in 30 seconds, and the song is shorter than 5 minutes, I'm out.

cmealha said...

Man, there were a couple of chords that are impossible. I'm sure he's Rubber Man and is able to elongate his digits. Really impressive

Anonymous said...

Hello, please remain seated,

Kid's name is Josh Turner. A wonderful modern fingerstyle guitarist. As an aside to BBJ...if you're interested, the kid has a lesson on playing that song on his You-Tube channel.

Within that genre (which I really like), the business model for breaking in often seems to be: YouTube, sales of guitar tabs and concert tours.

The song Eleanor Rigby lends itself to some amazing versions within modern fingerstyle. If interested, and especially if you've ever played acoustic guitar, check out this version by a guy named Adam Rafferty (an aside to our host: pretty sure I read this dude lives in Jackson Heights).

Lastly the Song ER has, essentially, two chords - C and E minor. Two frickin chords that are among the very first you ever learn when you pick up a guitar, and Paul McCartney wrote a melody and phrasing on top of them that opens itself to such amazingly diverse interpretations. This makes me feel good.

Best Regards,

A walk in the woods said...

Awesome! Really enjoyed it.

djmcblues2 said...

Wonderful. Thanks.