Sunday, August 13, 2017

Songs Of The Week, 2017: 8/5-8/11

Easy Silence- Dan Wilson
Apple Scruffs- George Harrison
Have You Seen Jackie- Dukes Of Stratosphear
Lost Without You- Randy Newman
Anytime- Neil Finn
She Walks Her Dog In Pajamas- The John Sally Ride
Southern Man- John Boutte



bing stills said...

Thanks Sal! Always look forward to your weekend mixes to discover new (to me) artists.

Eric said...

Never disappoints; thanks.

snakeboy said...

Hey Sal:
The Cbox is locked and disabled. The SOTD is not Yes doing Southern Man.
As always, thanks for these weekend mixes.

Sal Nunziato said...


SOTD is corrected.

Working on the CBOX.


dogbreath said...

Thanks for the nice zipper job. Particularly like the Neil Finn. Cheers!

Bill said...

Can't go wrong with the Dukes. That's probably my most-played XTC album these days.