Saturday, September 30, 2017

Songs Of The Week, 2017: 9/16-9/29

Secret 77- Bad Brains
Fallen Angel- King Crimson
Sadie Green- Big T Tyler
Mona Lisa- Slick Rick
Rocky Ground- Bruce Springsteen
The Endless Plain Of Fortune- John Cale
Garbage Day- Brendan Benson
Coney Island Baby- The Excellents
Frederick- Patti Smith
You Used To Drive Me Around- Jon Auer
Misfire- Neko Case
Somebody Got Murdered- The Clash
Wait Till Saturday- Dirty Tricks
Cryin' To Be Heard- Traffic



J. Loslo said...

Thanks, Sal!

I've been checking in, and I haven't been commenting (or saying thanks), and I'm not sure why. Maybe it's because I've been taking my daughter on college visits & my feet hurt. Okay, that's not a good excuse. Anyway, I continue to appreciate what you do, and I'll try to get back to participating.

The Grim Reefer said...

Waaaay back in the day, when a mix was generally times to a sixty or ninety minute cassette, my rule of thumb was...."five keepers" makes it a successful mix. I got seven "keepers" here so,....thanks. Good mix. The John Cale track is especially tasty.

cmealha said...

Don't get to listen to the SOTD each day. Thanks for another set of fine music and making it easy. Keep 'em coming.

Bill said...

I sure do love that John Cale song--and the album it's on, too. Lou Reed rightfully got most of the attention in the Velvet Underground, but the albums Cale turned out after leaving the VU--Vintage Violence, Paris 1919, and Fear--rank up there with Reed's best solo work.

dogbreath said...

Thank you for the SOTW zip. Nice job, sir. Bruce's "Rocky Ground" is a good fit (I'm still enjoying the recent Springsteen / McCartney hook up) and The Excellents' "Coney Island Baby" is, er, excellent. Cheers!

heartsofstone said...

Great collection - especially needed on a day like today.