Monday, March 26, 2018

Rye Toast, or "The Mutant Blues"?

I was planning on something more substantial for today, until I had computer problems last night.
I know that sounds like the dog ate my homework, but it's true.
My computer is not new, and it froze at a moment when my patience was thin, so I shut it off improperly.
When I re-started, it punished me with a black screen and plain text informing me I was really going to have to wait this one out so I went to bed and watched Stormy Daniels 60 minutes interview on my phone via YouTube.
I believe she was telling the truth, but there was nothing really new and it put me to sleep.
Since I'm committed to posting something every day until Sal returns, here's a footnote of sorts to Friday's Weekend Mix.
It's me approximating Ry's sound in an original composition entitled "The Mutant Blues".

"Mutant" refers to the $10 yard sale guitar it was written and performed on.
It sounded good, but the action wasn't great, and the truss rod maxed out, so I ripped all the frets out past the fifth. enabling me to play open chords near the nut, yet play slide further up without fret rattle.

Happy Monday!



Dr Wu said...

A Windows update has been causing mischief for many recently. It appears the remedy is to hold down the power button for minimum of 10 seconds. Has worked for everyone I know who’s experienced the black screen.
Would’ve testified that tune was authentic Ry. Well done - and thanks for sharing, BBJ.

Troy said...

Agree with you on SD. Nothing new, although I don't think I had heard her speak before. She was more articulate and thoughtful than I expected. I realize that is very stereotypical, but she did not embarrass herself or anything. I did turn it off before the interview was over, but our dinner was ready.

Sal Nunziato said...

"Mutant Blues" is great. Would have immediately thought Ry if you didn't say it was you.

Chris Collins said...

Thanks for doing all this.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to know that you think she was telling the truth...that was vital information...jesus, you people never let up do you?

True or not, and I don't know either, where does that all fit into your "Monday" rant about your computer?


buzzbabyjesus said...

Dear brave Anonymous,

Maybe follow your own advice?

kodak ghost said...

Don't worry about trying to post every day if the quality is as good and interesting as The Ry post. Once a week is enough! It takes that long to digest it all. Cheers... and nice work.

Eric said...

Nice to see Sal here are and anonymous,'re about as brave as the rest of the Trumpettes and Trumpkins, huh? T-Bone, anyone? "Stormy Monday"?