Monday, July 9, 2018

Cup O'Joe

Here's a real treat for a Monday, courtesy of Larry Rulz.

Joe Jackson, 7/6/18, Tarrytown Music Hall.

Great sound, five new songs, a Bowie cover, some hits and more.

Give it a minute to settle in, and then you can settle in.


Shriner said...

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!

Troy said...

Love JJ. Will have to wait until tonight to check it out. Excited to hear there are 5 new songs - - hopefully a new album before too long. Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing show! I downloaded it, boosted the volume (the mix was perfect!) and cut it into individual tracks, and thought I'd share it with you and your readers as a "Thank You." It fits on two CDs includes artwork (for a slimline case) and is properly tagged!

- Stinky

Here it is:

Sal Nunziato said...

Wow Stinky!

God bless you. Thanks for the work.

Anonymous said...

You're certainly welcome, Sal.

It's just my way of saying thanks for all the music that you bring to my attention!

I love your blog--it makes me a more interesting person. :)

- Stinky

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sal!

Thanks Stinky!!


Frito Bandito said...

Thank you Mr. Sal

I've always been a fan

Joe Jackson covers a lot of territory from jazz to ballads to everything else. He's quite a
talented boy.

He's one of those artists that started out good and really just continued on. Some artists can do that. Others rocket up and arc and fade in their abilities. Hard to figure why but I guess that's nature.

Thank you for quite an enjoyable interlude

Ken J Xenozar said...

Wow. Some great stuff in there. The first new song is fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Will listen when can. For those not knowing, JJ has quite the erudite blog called What I'm Listening To (discontinued in December, but worth looking at all he's posted) in which he ruminates on things musical and does it with respect and civility -- kinda like this place!
C in California

buzzbabyjesus said...

A friend of mine is on the road crew and was at this show.

Joe is for real, that's for sure.

Thanks Stinky! Nice work.

Troy said...

Went to the Zippyshare link to d/l the show. Which "Download" button am I supposed to click? I thought it was the orange-ish "Download Now" button, but that takes me to another page that wants me to download some player/extension. I haven't downloaded anything from zippy in a long time, but don't remember that. Can anyone point me in the right direction so all I get is the zip file? Thanks!

Sal Nunziato said...

It's the download link directly to the right, not the blue below. Also, close any pop-up windows and stay on original page.

kodak ghost said...

Excellent. And JJs blog (mentioned above) should be compulsory reading to anyone that has even a passing interest in music. It has led me so listen to some great ( and some weird) stuff... a bit like this blog!!! Cheers

A walk in the woods said...

Cool! Thanks for the post Sal and for the capture/link, Stinky!

I saw Joe for the first time 2 years ago in Atlanta in a show very similar to this - so good!!