Sunday, August 19, 2018

Songs Of The Week, 2018: 8/11-8/17

Shake Sherrie- The Contours
Kiss Me, Baby (A Cappella)- The Beach Boys
Dreamgirl- Li'l Band O'Gold
'Til The Day After- The Merry-Go-Round
Don't Lose Any Sleep- John Waite
Cactus- The Pixies
The Wind- Nolan Strong & the Diablos


Shake Sherrie- The Contours
No one will argue that a staggering amount of great records were on the Motown label. But even the best Motown artists made some very uneven full length LPs. A few are plain awful. The Contours made only one album, 1962's "Do You Love Me" and every song is a blast! Here is one of them.

Kiss Me, Baby (A Cappella)- The Beach Boys
Not sure where this came from. It popped up on the iPod, probably from a bootleg. Check out the backing vocals on the chorus. How did I miss that all these years?

Dreamgirl- Li'l Band O'Gold
One of my favorite Arthur Alexander songs by one of my favorite bands from Louisiana.

'Til The Day After- The Merry-Go-Round
Can't say enough about The Merry-Go-Round's only record. Even their singles and b-sides were fantastic. This track was their last single, I believe and can also be found on Emitt Rhodes' "The American Dream" album, which I was listening to and which I recommend highly.

Don't Lose Any Sleep- John Waite
I was going to make John Waite and The Babys the subject of "Positively Guilt-Free Wednesday," but decided to spare myself the heartache. I love this track. That's fine if you don't.

Cactus- The Pixies
Reading about the making of "Surfer Rosa," the album this track came from, in either Mojo or Uncut. So I played it, of course. Love this track. Great, great lyrics.

The Wind- Nolan Strong & The Diablos
Sold a copy of this record. Hadn't heard of the band before, but I was blown away/creeped out by "The Wind." During our last recording session, I asked Sal Maida if he had heard of Nolan Strong. he immediately replied, "The Wind! Great. Creepy."



Great and Creepy!

Thanks Sal.

Shriner said...

Who would say anything bad about The Babys?

cmealha said...

I'd love a John Waite/Babys post.

cmealha said...

Great John Waite cut. Stopped following him after a while but this cut showcases his unique phrasing which was always the draw to me. The Beach Boys backing vocals on the chorus are indeed awesome. Not something readily heard on the finished product. Amazing how much things you don't hear contribute to the total sound.

ken49 said...

Impressed with Li'l Band O'Gold cut. I checked them out on Spotify and they have one album by them. I hear The Band, Los Lobos, and of course New Orleans. I like it.

dogbreath said...

The Merry-Go-Round and John Waite tracks appeal to my musical mood this weekend so many thanks for the zip job. Cheers!

A walk in the woods said...

I'm drawn to songs about the wind in general... so many great ones.

My two favorites, which have each been on a million mixtapes/ mix CDs for friends:

Dean & Britta
Hear The Wind Blow


The Wind Blows Wild
Laurie McClain
(in fact, did I get this song from your blog perhaps??!?)

buzzbabyjesus said...

Johnny Thunders and The Heartbreakers introduced me to "Do You Love Me". That whole Contours album is indeed a blast.