Saturday, August 11, 2018

Songs Of The Week, 2018: 8/4-8/10

Summer, Highland Falls- Billy Joel
Heartless- John Doe, Dave Alvin & Grant Lee Phillips
I'll Bet He's Nice- The Beach Boys
Someone To Pull The Trigger- Matthew Sweet
How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart- Norah Jones
West Virginia Fantasies- Chicago
Better Things- The Kinks


Summer, Highland Falls- Billy Joel
Our friend RichD mentioned this track over at our friend Steve Simels' joint, Power Pop. I don't hate Billy Joel and this is my favorite Billy Joel song.

Heartless- John Doe, Dave Alvin, & Grant Lee Phillips
iPod strikes again.

I'll Bet He's Nice- The Beach Boys
Talking to a friend about a friend and her friend, and my friend said, "I'll bet he's nice" in a way that made me laugh real hard. From "Beach Boys Love You," an album that might be either horrible or masterful, depending on how many drugs one takes. Or, it might be both.

Someone To Pull The Trigger- Matthew Sweet
I hadn't heard this one in ages, and then a friend posted it on Facebook. He was having a hard day and I related.

How Many Times Have You Broken My Heart- Norah Jones
First heard this track as a duet between Norah Jones & Elvis Costello on his Spectacle TV show. It ended up as a solo Norah track on "The Lost Notebooks" record of unrecorded Hank Williams tunes. Picked up a copy on vinyl this week and this track is still a winner.

West Virginia Fantasies- Chicago
The first two Chicago records are faves and Side Two of Chicago II is a perfect side of music, though it needs to be played in its entirety, as songs segue into one another...except when your iPod is on shuffle, then you get this very short interlude, which perfectly blended into...

....Better Things- The Kinks


Anonymous said...

Looks like a great set. Unfortunately, the link is incomplete. As Curly said, "I try to think, but nothing happens!"

Thanks for the site!

Sal Nunziato said...

Sorry about that chief! All fixed.

Anonymous said...

Correction: When I guessed at adding "" to the incomplete URL, it came through like a champ. And it is a great set.


Troy said...

Better Things is one of those songs that can and maybe should be in every SOTW mix. It is a song and a message that I could use every week. Yeah, I know that's not practical and you don't want to play it to death, but you get my point.

A walk in the woods said...

Thanks for this, Sal! I always enjoy and look forward to each new SOTW mix.

dogbreath said...

Took much pleasure in unzipping this SOTW, especially the last 3 tunes. And I'm with you on Chicago II, particularly the Steven Wilson remix which gave the whole album a good kick up the pants in my ears. (Pants in my ears? That can't be right, surely?) Cheers & have a smashing weekend!


Those early Chicago albums were so big in my life - ah, simpler days when we didn't know about how tracks would be cut on a CD!

Bill said...

That Matthew Sweet song is one of my favorites--Pete Thomas' drums really stand out on it.

Thanks for sharing!